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Arabic: a *Secret Garden* for Talibul ‘Ilm

‘Sarf is the beautification of a young person…’

From the book of the beloved Shaykh Mohammed al Ameen Al Harari (may Allah SWT preserve him) – Tahneek al ATfa’al ‘ala La-ameeya al ‘Amaal

Our Ustadh talked about him so fondly and with so much respect. We can only dream to learn from such ‘Ulema but alhamdolilah for our Ustadh who designed a curriculum with the Shaykh’s books bi’itnillah. Interestingly enough, the poetry in the preface (above) is from the book for Al-ATfaal, i.e. children. SubhanAllah! Tahneek al ATfaal is something you do when a child is born. You rub chewed up dates on their gums and that was the Sunnah of Rasulalah Salahu ‘alayhi wasalam. So that’s the title of his book and the preface stresses the importance of learning Sarf (addressing young Tullab al ‘Ilm). Allahu Akbar!

That’s why you can’t seek knowledge without knowing the Arabic language. Such a person is a joke to themselves and others if they claim that they are ‘seeeker of knowledge’ when they only know ‘conversational’ Arabic.

My lesson was amazing today alhamdolilah. The Ustadh tells us history about words (in the Quraan and elsewhere) and makes it so interesting that it seems like Arabic is like a secret garden. The more you go deep, the more amazing things you find. It’s like you’re on a fascinating exploration journey through the boat of Islam in the seas of Islamic knowledge. There’s no end, that’s the FUN part!

The best part about such lessons is that even though you’re first semester, you benefit from the lessons of students from 4th and 5th semesters. And I like the level of easy-going (which makes you less nervous) and the level of discipline. All well balanced Alhamdolilah.

The purpose of the post is to encourage sisters to advance forward in this field. You’re the backbone of the Ummah and let not the language of Quraan be lost!

And Allah SWT knows best.

May Allah SWT help us benefit from whatever we learn and make this path easy for all of us.Ameen.


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