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Duaa for Thunder

Since it’s a scary rainy season in most of the Western world (even though it snowed here today subhanAllah), thought I’d remind everyone that despite the fact that rain’s a blessing and it’s one of the times of acceptance of one’s duaa, one must make duaa and seek refuge from thunderstorms too.

Attitude of Rasulalah SAW

Narrated ‘Aisha RA: “I never saw Allah’s Apostle laughing loudly enough to enable me to see his uvula, but he used to smile only. And whenever he saw clouds or winds, signs of deep concern would appear on his face. I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! When people see clouds they usually feel happy, hoping that it would rain, while I see that when you see clouds, one could notice signs of dissatisfaction on your face.” He said, “O ‘Aisha! What is the guarantee for me that there will be no punishment in it, since some people were punished with a wind? Verily, some people saw the punishment, but [while seeing the cloud] they said, ‘This cloud will give us rain.’ ”  [Bukhari #4454, Muslim #1497]

 Duaa for Thunder


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