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Quraan Memorization and Strain on Vocal Chords

‘A Mo’minah who memorizes the Quraan is like a tea-bag. You don’t know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.’

[a cliché yet an improvised quote]


Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

It is no surprise that after you start memorizing or even reading Quraan very regularly, your vocal chords and tongue will feel tired. So as soon as you feel tired, stop reciting! Drink some water and have some lozenges handy just to soothe your throat. Also some people may feel out of breath. This could be due to a variety of reasons:

  • due to the anxiety of making mistakes when one’s reciting Kalamullah
  • due to the heaviness and seriousness of the ayaat keeping in mind that the Word of Allah SWT is heavy on one’s body
  • in the process of giving the long vowels their Haqq
  • due not taking proper pauses when required
  • due to not taking pauses according to one’s stamina

This out-of-breath state also impacts one’s vocal cords and makes the whole throat area very tired. But don’t become worried if you sound a little funny or you feel the strain in your throats. Trust me, inshaa’Allah unlike the haraam usage of vocal cords (such as via singing etc.), you will not lose your voice.

Gargling with lukewarm salt water helps as well as herbal tea. Most importantly, if one perseveres come what may…inshaa’Allah Allah SWT will make the vocal chords stronger.

I searched for tips to help people having tired vocal cords after reciting the Quraan. I face this problem quite often including instances when I give a talk.It’s probably because my voice is very soft and I have to strain my voice to make it louder and also because contrary to what most might assume by reading what I write, I’m not a chatter-box walhamdolilah. So when suddenly faced with a situation when I’m doing most of the talking or reciting in this case, my vocal chords scream for mercy.

Sadly didn’t find anything except tips for singers. Any knowledge helps so I’m going to share it here.


  • Avoid drying irritants such as caffeine, chocolate, antihistamines (pain-killers). It is my personal experience that after I have coffee, my throat does become very dry so becareful as to when you have coffee. And obviously, ideally it’d be better to avoid it.
  • You will notice that after reciting the Quraan for an hour or so, you’ll feel this mucuous in your throat. Well then, it’d be best to avoid those things that produce a lot of mucuous.Things to watch out for are: nuts, dairy products,dust and allergens.
  • Another group that you should control the intake of are the substances which cause gastric reflux. Why? Because they upset the tummy, acids rise up to your esophagus and irritate the tissues of your vocal chord. What types of food involved in this group? All the yummy ones: i.e. spicy foods.
  • Exercise helps with making your lungs stronger. This in turn helps you with increasing your stamina and easing your breathing pattern either when you’re breathless as you recite the Quraan.
  • Don’t drink cold water!
  • If you live in a dry snow-city like I do, your windows will be closed shut 10 months a year with the heating system ‘on’. So  you might want to make sure that the humidifier is working properly because if it’s not, you’ll wake up everyday with a very dry throat.


  • Lozenges and herbal teas. I’ve used ginger lemon tea with honey and they are just fabulous for soothing the throat, alhamdolilah. Those who don’t like giner lemon tea, what you can do is add in a teabag of Lipton tea and the taste becomes instantly much more tolerable.
  • Steam therapy is very helpful for your entire face because your skin becomes softer aaand it’s good for your throat. Boil a pot of water, place a towel over your head and breathe in the steam carefully.

Inshaa’Allah this will provide those seeking relief with relief and immense reward for what they’re striving for.

And Allah SWT knows best.


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