Makharij Reality Check

How can people afford to go to picnics,bowling nights,hikes and what-not when there’s SO much to learn?

I feel more ignorant and illiterate every single day!

God this is very erm humiliating…especially when you’re used to the quick-learn-quick-forget system.


And I thought I was a little educated after striving for what seemed a million years to finish off my current degree.

Back to square one! Rather grade one!

Frustration kicks in but that pushes me off my couch-potato mode and makes me aim higher every day.

I thought my Makharij were pretty good and tonight I’m ashamed to say that I found so many subtle mistakes that I wish I could sit in a corner and cry.

So my conclusion is that never ever think that any aspect of your knowledge has reached a level where you can’t learn any more. There’s bound to be more and more…and lots more. Even if it’s ‘grade one’ stuff. Anddd your knowledge will always be rusty if you don’t actively teach it.

‘Course you feel like a big-time loser after pushing yourself hard. But that will prevent you from becoming complacent and always help you achieve iHsaan in every aspect of your life.

Constant reviewing is what makes a Talib-ul ‘Ilm-wannabe different from the general public.

Must never let any struggle or challenge intimidate me to take off this jacket of responsibility.

I’m on a mission to save my Nafs from ignorance.

Beat it Shaytan ar-rajeem!

May Allah SWT forgive me for my ignorance and soothe my heart.Ameen.

And Allah SWT knows best.


2 comments on “Makharij Reality Check

  1. I feel more ignorant and illiterate every single day! God this is very erm humiliating…

    What you wrote is a good sign; for Sufyan At-Thawri rahimahullah has reported to have said:

    “Knowledge is three hand spans, the first breeds arrogance, the second breeds humility and in the third, you realize you know nothing.”

    • BarakAllahu fee’k for sharing a saying of such an inspirational scholar, may Allah SWT have mercy on him and resurrect him and all of us in the Shade of His Mercy on the Day of Judgement.Ameen.

      Wasalamu alaykum warahmatullah.

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