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WANTED: Pious Women!

Wanted: Pious Women!

For recruitment in the Army of Allah SWT.

Spiritual defense skills a must.

Previous experience, an asset.

Benefits include and are not limited to contentment in this dunia and everlasting happiness in Akhira.

Abdullah b. ‘Amr reported Allah’s Messenger SAW as saying: ‘The whole world is a provision, and the best object of benefit (or the most precious thing) of the world is the pious woman.’ [Muslim, #3465]


Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

When you reach a certain marriageable age, all the people in the world are giving you Naseeha. Preparing you and pushing you. Whether it’s something in the field of culinary skills or the department of looks. It’s like that’s the only and in their heads the biggest expectation left of you.

Unfortunately some young women who don’t know any better fall prey to such mentality.

Working for it day and night like a hamster running on a wheel.

Not even knowing the real intention required for such a goal…the purpose behind it.

They may have everything materialistic in the world. They may have the world kiss their feet in terms Allah SWT’s blessings.

They stand up for protests as if it’s the next ‘in’ thing for the most disgusting reasons but may not make duaa for the Muslim sufferers even once.

They don’t even know the ABCs of what’s happening around them in this dunia besides the lies.

They are so naive that they are unable to differentiate between falsehood from truthfulness.

 But ‘as long as she gets married off and gets that job…or has a certain number of kids…that’s all that matters’ , they say.

And when you find out that after the first ten years of marriage, these very women spiral down into clinical depression, the society wonders what went wrong?

She seemed happy. Well, at least according to the gazillion pictures she uploaded everyday available for Mahrams and non-Mahrams to view.

He seemed to love her. At least that’s what it seemed according to the small fortune he spent on their ‘honeymoon’ in some Kafir country where Allah was the last thing on their mind.

Another scenario: Son grows up and by the blessing of Allah SWT wants to gain more Islamic knowledge. But mother wails at such a prospect fearing the Shayateen instead of Allah SWT. If not that, then she can’t bear the thought of having her beloved child out of sight. In short, she gives preference to herself and not to the Deen of Allah SWT.

My questions to such lost ladies is that:

  • Why is that marriage seems to be a greater reality or Truth to you than death?
  • Why is that these young women are not prepared for that time in future when they would have to encourage their husbands and sons or instill in their daughters to push their sons to become Shaheed fisabeelilah?
  • Why are their emotions is something they only care about day and night?
  • Why do you make them believe that marriage is a ticket to eternal happiness?
  • Why don’t you equip them with tools to make their hearts stronger so even if they’re married to jerks like in the case of Asiya AS to Pharaoh, they excel because of the certainty they have in their heart for a better life ahead?
  • Why is it that every young woman you talk to has emotional problems related to her husband,kids or if single then with parents? Why can’t she come out of that hole and become motivated to learn more Deen? That very Deen that promises to give her dead heart…life again?

Somebody answer me please!

We need better Muslim women!

Unfortunately, fathers these days aren’t any better…fathers who promote their daughters to take their Hijab off just to get a haram job in the bank!

So we need real men too.

However, every gender must do their part.

I listened to a lecture and it made me upset. Reminded me of the story of Abu Qudama (R) and the young boy.

I don’t want to be from the women of Jahannum even for a second.

So I better lower my gaze real good even if I look unconfident and ensure that I don’t look beautiful to anyone outside my home.  Check myself twice before I step out of my house.

  • Is my Hijab covering the areas required by Allah SWT? Is my Hijab not flashy and flowery?
  • Is my Jilbab lose enough so that nobody can make out of my body except  that which is unavoidable?
  • Are my feet completely covered?
  • Do I have any make-up on me that especially beautifies a face?
  • Can anyone smell any fragrance on me even if it’s very faint?

I better ensure that for all the good deeds men can do and I can’t, at least I increase in giving charity and doing better ‘Ibadah.

That I leave the gatherings where gossipping and ridiculous conversations are going on.

That I make myself more knowledgeable than an average Muslim man these days…who don’t even know basic ‘aQeedah and fiQH rulings pertaining to daily business transactions and so on. Honestly, if women are not any good then men…well I’ll just say how could a young Muslim woman marry a man and trust him to be the head of the family when he doesn’t even know those basics? Such women then would have to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to making decisions AND cook AND clean AND raise good kids AND take care of all her other personal affairs. Total loss of sanity is what this spells out.

It seems sometimes that I am the only voice in the crowd of women who are busy in things other than the Dhikr of Allah SWT.

Not claiming that I am any better…but I wish women who attend halaQahs and learn the Deen at least practise what they learn.

That they aim that their daughters would become the next faQihah and their sons the Imams who lead the Salah in Makkah during the Hajj season.

How can I or any other young woman aim for that if she doesn’t rectify her own affairs?

I sometimes feel that I’m repeating myself but Allahu ‘Alam what becomes of what I share here.

A lecture worth listening to… Might make you a little emotional but inshaa’Allah for a good cause.

And if you’re a loner amongst crowds of Muslims who wrong you and test your patience then seek comfort in Allah SWT’s Words and know that even though people take away your peace and rights in this dunia…they won’t be able to take away your rewards on the Day of Judgement:

They said: “Are you indeed Yûsuf (Joseph)?” He said: “I am Yûsuf (Joseph), and this is my brother (Benjamin). Allâh has indeed been gracious to us. Verily, he who fears Allâh with obedience to Him (by abstaining from sins and evil deeds, and by performing righteous good deeds), and is patient, then surely, Allâh makes not the reward of the Muhsinûn to be lost.” [Surat Yusuf, 12:90]

May Allah SWT actually make me that one Muslimah whom Allah SWT is proud to have as a slave.Ameen.

And Allah SWT knows best.


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