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Knowledge, ‘flies’ and heavy sighs

You are what you eat!

To be able to live Islamic knowledge, you’ll have to eat it, drink it, sleep it.

And inshaa’Allah digest it so that it is well-ingrained within you and runs within your blood so that Shaytan doesn’t!


“Scholars have said, ‘Knowledge doesn’t start pouring out like honey. Rather, it starts off as being bitter (i.e. it has a bitter taste to it).’ “

Ustadh AT (Hafidhullah)


Even if you miss ONE day, it’s like you’ve wasted a week’s effort.

SubhanAllah! That’s dizzingly difficult because whatever you memorized and understood is lost as soon as you don’t review.  Besides even if you remember what you learned, your confidence lowers because you know in your heart that you don’t know it that well!

Also another important thing is that every single day you’re fighting against the cloud of sins that cover your brain and prevent knowledge from being absorbed. You know it’s like how when it’s pouring rain or when it’s snowing soft flurries and you have to keep clearing the windshield of your car continuously to be able to see. If  the temperature is way below zero degrees celsius, sometimes those snow flurries which seemingly are harmless and soft…tend to freeze onto your windshield and can make the life of the driver very challenging. Especially if there’s already fog outside. Sins do that one’s brain, they prevent it from seeing the light or seeking knowledge easily. They form clusters on your brain if not removed by Istighfaar. If you miss a day:

  • you have to recover what you have lost
  • plus continue the battle against the sins and overcome the impact they have on your memory

That’s like effort to the power of 10–> (new effort required) ≈ (previous effort) ^ 10

I never knew it’s going to be this difficult but now I’ve been coming across quotes after quotes of scholars who say that it’s a very challenging road to walk on. I try to motivate myself thinking that  if I successfully got done with my CMMB major alhamdolilah…something that was all man-made knowledge, a major most people don’t like and certainly a major with hardly any incentives … so surely I can make it through this path I have chosen as well. The only problem is I didn’t know I have to purify my soul so painstakingly so that whatever I study stays in my head.

I lie on my bed so tired after a long day of mental work…only to wake up to a huge set of challenges the next day. What an excellent way to develop patience and become like the real Umm Sulaym RA! Alhamdolilah. No doubt there is purification for me in this and a great reward! Allah SWT is just helping me purify my intention so that I’m extremely sincere. I hope I can live up to my words inshaa’Allah.


“Flies are part of the lesson.”

Ustadh AT (H)

Ustadh described how when he was in Mauritania (desert) and flies used to be buzzing around as he sat noting ahadith from the ‘Ulema. Sometimes the flies would sit on his nose and he’d be transcribing the notes as the scholar would be speaking and that would be extremely annoying (obviously). However, his teachers said that the flies were part of the lesson. They teach you patience. Let them buzz around. They do what they have to do and you do what you have to do. Learning doesn’t involve just memorizing but ALSO tons of patience come what may. Of course flies are expected to annoy a person. So one must not be surprised and waste their mental energy if the flies are in the environment and do just that. What that means is that regardless of what distractions you have, you have to move on and  get your work done. Whether your family member’s not well, you’re getting married/divorced,lost a job/family member,are pregnant and/or are travelling–>you must never stop your journey towards understanding the Deen of Allah SWT.  And therefore mustn’t waste a single day! Learning should be equivalent to breathing. It must never stop unless you die.

May Allah SWT help all those who are trying their best to learn about and teach His Deen. Ameen.

And Allah SWT knows best.


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