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Ya Allah : with every second that requires my renewed patience with certain life’s struggles, I know You want to offer me a spot in Jannah that is just like that of Asiya AS, Maryam AS and Summayah RA. I accept this offer Ya Wahhab and I accept whatever that comes with it. Just grant me that intense love for You, a sound heart and Your All-Encompassing Forgiveness. Ya Rabb don’t let my words land me in Jahannum. I can try my best but the Tawfeeq comes only and soley from You. Make me not regret in Akhira. I tried to make everything that You made Haram, a death sentence for me even if I dared come near it. I have even made the doubtful things Haram on me. Please don’t make me that loser for whom Paradise is made haram in Akhira. The more I get to know, the more expensive Your Jannah becomes. The fear then engulfs my heart and I don’t find enough moments and energy to recover my past mistakes. Indeed only You listen to an insignificant and helpless slave’s plea. Please do not use my words as an evidence against me.Please not the Hellfire. Only peace and good news after death. I worship You because I need You. I know You can replace me in an instant. But Ya Rabb nothing and no-one can replace the place You have in my heart :'(

-Umm Sulaym


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