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Few Words of Wisdom

Most people don’t go past the first few chapters of fiQh because of 2 reasons : (1) teachers aren’t trying hard enough and teaching them and/or (2) students don’t have patience (to become a proper Talibul ‘ilm, i.e. the student doesn’t have the patience to adorn himself/herself with proper etiquettes of seeking knowledge)

Don’t wear your intellect on your arm. Don’t speak before formulating your thoughts. We have the bad habit of doing that. Speaking while thoughts are running in our heads. You have to think, contemplate deeply, formulate, taste it, consider it and taste it again and then ask a question.

Taste your words before you feed it to others.

When you learn something and can’t apply it immediately (e.g. court issues) then you must think about how you can apply it.

Keep your sense of tranquility with you all the time, everytime…especially during stressful situations.

Human being is the only creature on the planet that can control its breathing rate. Use it to your advantage in stressful situations.

-Ustadh AT (hafidhullah)

Disclaimer: this is not a verbatim record of what Ustadh said. I might’ve added or deleted a few words here and there due my personal weaknesses and shortcomings. And Allah SWT knows best.


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