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Few points of benefit that I would like to remind myself about:

When sinning or being tempted to sin/waste Allah SWT’s blessings…one should ask oneself the following:

You’re going against Allah, you really think you can win? If you don’t like it, don’t be a Muslim!

If you disobey Him, you should have this fear that He will order the World to snatch you and that it would disappear with you and that in Akhira you will burn in the Hellfire forever!

Every act of obedience is done seeing oneself deficient.  Allah SWT wants to forgive us and He wants us to seek forgiveness by making us look at our mistakes but our egoes don’t want to do that! They don’t want us to see that we’re deficient!

IstaQaamah is to strive to correct oneself with every fiber of one’s being, wholeheartedly with soul and body. Look to those mistakes and focus on oneself rather than others. We can point out how people can improve themselves but when it comes to us we become silent. We can’t have ‘real’ conversations anymore.

There used to be a Sahabi who used to get up from his bed and hit it and say to it that, ‘You’re my enemy!’ Getting up in the middle of the night is the way to achieve sincerity in our allegiance to Allah SWT.

SubhanAllah and we decorate our beds and look for the most comfortable bed in town just so that we can rest peacefully all night and not get disturbed. The grave’s not going to be as fancy with all the creepy crawlies wriggling around. Only good deeds will make it a comfortable place! Only if you remember Allah SWT today, Allah SWT will remember you in this Dunia and Akhira. He SWT will take care of everything because He is the Lord of Everything. We just need to show that we care about ourselves enough. Humans no matter how smart they may become are the most foolish when it comes to realizing that there’s this enemy strategically planning every second to make him do an act (however small it is) to make him land into Hellfire.

Shaytan’s really motivated, are you?

May Allah SWT protect us and make us increase in good deeds! Ameen.

And Allah SWT knows best.


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