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Tests and Empowering Effects of Eeman

Ever seen a wounded bird?

Born with the gift of flying , it gets wounded and so it can no longer fly properly.

So despite the fact that it’s whole world was the skies, now it has to touch the ground.

It tries to survive there.

It tries to live with the pain of the wound and the pain of a sudden environmental change.

To suddenly fall down from a height must be a very difficult experience.

One cannot imagine how elated a bird would feel after its wing heals up and it begins to soar the skies again.

That’s how I see Islam in my life.

You can’t really appreciate the value of flying to Skies unless you fall a painful fall.

You can’t really appreciate the value of Light unless you’ve seen true darkness.

You know the kind of darkness that gives you goosebumps and you don’t want to even think about it. You want to forget all about it. Everyone and everything associated with it. The scents, the talks and the people.

Muslims born as Muslims are like those birds which soar the skies due to the beauty of Eeman.

But Allah SWT puts a sinful Muslim through tests which may physically or emotionally wound him.

However that wound makes him patient and after being healed, helps him appreciate the ‘highs’ Eeman can give a person. Makes him value Islam so much more that it leaves him breathless at the beauty of Allah SWT’s Deen.

A lot of people think that darkness is committing major sins such as stealing,cheating,Zina and the lot.

The sad part is you may be a Muslim who practices Islam but you never enjoyed that connection with Allah SWT. That’s a major darkness because you’re doing what you’re supposed to do yet due to ignorance your heart doesn’t appreciate the true meaning of Noor of Hidaya.

Not having a connection with Allah SWT is like how an orphan would feel. Worthless, empty and meaningless. And all of a sudden when Islam comes into your life, your biggest weaknesses become your strengths. You no longer remain like that weak individual anymore. It’s so empowering…

Allah SWT increases your confidence in yourself by putting you through trials one after the other. And all those trials become the best things ever that happened to you because they help germinate in your broken heart the dependency on the One who is Independent.

Brothers and sisters in Islam, the only thing worth dedicating your life towards is in the Path of Allah SWT. It’s quite late here and it’s been raining outside for hours. If only I didn’t fear certain consequences, I would knock on my neighbours’ doors right now and tell them about Islam until every concept of it became clear to them.

It’s too precious not to be shared. Wallahi, Allah SWT could replace us.

We get peace of out of worshipping Him Alone.

He SWT gets nothing out of it.

And whosoever strives, he strives only for himself. Verily, Allâh stands not in need of any of the ‘Alamîn (mankind, jinn, and all that exists). [Suratul Ankaboot, 29:6]

Eeman is the best gift Allah SWT could give anyone. Appreciate it before He SWT snatches it away from you and gives it to someone else. Fear that day! More importantly, fear your death.

Everyone shall taste the death. Then unto Us you shall be returned. [Suratul Ankaboot, 29:57]

Contemplate about all those instances when calamities brought you closer to Allah SWT.

Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: “We believe,” and will not be tested. And We indeed tested those who were before them. And Allâh will certainly make (it) known (the truth of) those who are true, and will certainly make (it) known (the falsehood of) those who are liars, (although Allâh knows all that before putting them to test). [Suratul Ankaboot, 29:2-3]

I sometimes think that He SWT could’ve created me like any other creature and what could I have done? Humans think that by getting degrees and earning money, they have everything in their hands. And so they conveniently forget the fact that it’s Allah SWT who’s allowing them to benefit from His Blessings. I mean I could move my fingers all I want to take a tissue paper to wipe my nose when I have a cold but if Allah SWT doesn’t Will it, I won’t be able to. If we’re dependent on Him for the smallest of things then why do we think that a life without Allah SWT will grant us provision?

Those who are patient, and put their trust (only) in their Lord (Allâh).And so many a moving (living) creature carries not its own provision! Allâh provides for it and for you. And He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.[Suratul Ankaboot, 29:59-60]

The only way to get the Taufeeq from Allah SWT is to show Him SWT that we’re eligible for that Hidaya. That our attitudes don’t show that , ‘Oh Allah SWT! Thank you very much for making me a Muslim. I don’t time and patience to obey You but don’t forget to grant me Your Jannah, ok?’

Astaghfirullah! That’s the kind of message we’re relaying when the focus of our life is different from what Allah SWT wants. We are then in utter darkness.

If you strive hard enough then know that Allah SWT will guide you:

As for those who strive hard in Us (Our Cause), We will surely guide them to Our Paths (i.e. Allâh’s religion – Islâmic Monotheism). And verily, Allâh is with the Muhsinûn (good doers).”[Suratul Ankaboot, 29:69]

It’s as if a good deed is a magnet in that it attracts more good deeds. So if you do one good deed, it attracts a whole bunch of them and before you know it…with all the good deeds you’ve been collecting on a path of thorns, your account of Akhira is loaded enough to help you reach your destination of Jannatul Firdaus al ‘Ala.

Don’t depend on anyone (even your loved ones) or anything (job/education/money) as you disobey Allah SWT. Because:

The likeness of those who take (false deities as) Auliyâ’ (protectors helpers) other than Allâh is the likeness of a spider, who builds (for itself) a house, but verily, the frailest (weakest) of houses is the spider’s house; if they but knew.[Suratul Ankaboot, 29:41]

If you had everything and everyone in the world and not Eeman, you’d still be weak. Because really nowadays Muslims ‘claim’ to be Muslims but they are worshipping their desires.

Desire to please people over Allah SWT.

But if you had nothing except Eeman and were tested in it brutally, you’d still turn out to be strong.

Isn’t that abso-freaking-letely amazing?

SubHanAllahi WabiHamdi SubHanAllahil ‘Adheem.

And Allah SWT knows best.

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