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Make your space RamaDaan-friendly!

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

I don’t like to make my blogs a self-worship hub where people appreciate how amazing I am because really a person is either doing Dawa’h to themselves or to Allah SWT. I have avoided in the past to make my blogs more intimate than I am naturally capable of to keep everyone’s hearts clean. The readers as well as the blogger’s. This was one of the major reasons why I left the previous blog because we all are weak individuals and we must be always purifying our intentions.

All Praise belongs to Allah SWT alone and not to the creations.

However, to make the blog more interesting, I thought I’d add some pictures now and then to get a point across. I am terrible at photography because I don’t use the camera often except for scenery or non-living things. But this is my attempt to get slaves of Allah SWT excited about RamaDaan if they want to convert their little space of work with lots of reminders.

Last RamaDaan, I was off from University and I therefore put up reminders around me to motivate myself about RamaDaan. I zoned in onto different specific goals I wanted to work on during it and searched for Quraanic ayat, ahadith and sayings of the Salaf to inspire me. Because I knew that we all hit a dip in our ‘Ibadaat and  nobody really taps on your shoulder and offers spiritual help, I decided to put in the effort to make these tiny reminders regardless of how much time it took me. You have to take care of yourself on your own by the Help of Allah SWT.

Here’s what I did last RamaDaan. Please pardon me for my lack of photography and artsy skills:

So inshaa’Allah, we all have tons of time to prep for RamaDaan. If you’d be spending most of your day at work, maybe it’ll be a nice idea to put up colourful reminders using magnets in your office/cabin/work space because most walls are magnetic in offices. If you are on the go, maybe carry a folder of inspirational ideas and motivating reminders to get you going through the day. If you’d be in the kitchen, you can put stuff up there. The best part of reminders such as these is that, if it’s a place other people visit often, then it can act like a Dawa’h tool for them whether it’s your family members or your non-Muslim co-workers. Some parents can use it for their children as well but can make it more creative and colourful. They can also encourage their children to make their own reminders and hang it around their space just to motivate them inshaa’Allah. This will not only be beneficial spiritually but also would increase the family spirit as a good Islamic household.

I’m working on a new set of reminders because once you read them so many times, your heart becomes used to it. So I’ve put the old ones away and am making others with a different goal altogether inshaa’Allah. My stuff is not a work of art but it works just fine. Don’t be intimidated by how things will look. Rather you should worry about how you have to make most of your RamaDaan. Even if you don’t make it to the next RamaDaan, at least you’ll get rewarded for making intentions for a productive month just by taking small steps such as putting up reminders. If you have children, please don’t do put up useless decorations such as those of lanterns like I did as a child at school. They are of no benefit. Maybe make a RamaDaan moon on a chart of activities or an Akhira-box in which you could give them loonies or toonies to put in so that they learn the idea of charity. Creativity without any spiritual benefit is of no use in my opinion.

Anyway, it’s time to start getting busy and training for RamaDaan.

Ask yourself these questions as you start goal-setting:

  • How would you want to make this RamaDaan totally different from the previous ones inshaa’Allah?
  • And so how can you aid yourself to reach those goals?
  • What barriers do you need to get rid of?
  • What are your weaknesses and what sorts of reminders would you need to overcome those weaknesses?

May Allah SWT help our previous acts of ‘Ibadaat in last RamaDaan and help us and our families and friends reach the next one safely.Ameen.

Remember it’s a law of nature, the more you invest in something, the more you get out of it by the permission of Allah SWT.

Make RamaDaan prep fun! Start today!

Many duaas,

-Umm Sulaym

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