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Few Words of Wisdom

Beautiful aims are like strawberries. They look great, they have a sweet fruity smell. But when you start biting them, they are usually not as sweet as they look. We add some honey to them or dip them in chocolate at times. Despite them not being sweet, we try to sweeten them. Despite them not being sweet, we want to eat them. It’s all about how bad you want to achieve your aims. It’s the struggles that sweeten them. It’s the wait that makes this difficult process worthwhile.


Today the words of Ustadh really gave the me boost that I needed. Sometimes in life, you question why you’re doing what you’re doing. Your past seems to roll back in front of you in form of a glittery ambition that was more ‘Nafs-staisfying’. But subHanAllah, I chose this path and I’m sticking to it inshaa’Allah. Whether my Nafs likes it or not. And whether other people’s Nafs likes it or not. And I’m going to make my life & it’s decisions revolve around these noble aims. If there’s no room for my goals, then there’s no room for that thing/individual in my life. Allah SWT knows best and may Allah SWT protect me from tests beyond my capacity, may He make my feet firm on this path and give me the strength to make it to the finishing line because many people either get lost,deviated or die in the path of knowledge. Most women get tangled in the threads of relationships which strangle the health of their emotions and never get past it.  May Allah SWT help me help myself and preserve the Deen for myself and the rest of the Ummah.Ameen. Afterall, Umm Sulaym radi-Allahu ‘anha was patient in every test that came her way. I too want to be patient like her and do acts of goodness which make me eligible for Jannah before I die just like her inshaa’Allah. And in Allah’s Hands our hearts lie, I pray that He SWT lifts off it the veils of ignorance so that the refreshing Light of knowledge is easily absorbed to it’s very fibers and into its atoms.Ameen.

Some quotes I noted down quickly as Ustadh was speaking:

Knowledge is sought and acquired through small issues.

A lot of times we ask people to do what we’re not ready to do ourselves.

In Surah Al ‘ASr, Allah SWT encourages us to study how to become believers, to teach others and leave a legacy of patience.

It’s a long lone road, the road of Talibul ‘ilm. You know you’re on the right path when people start dropping out. That just means you’re going towards the Path of Elite.

You have to keep telling yourself every day that, ‘I refuse to fail!’

However, know that just because you decide not to quit, the work will not get easier. Because it will not.

On this path, there will be many ‘STOP’ signs. You’ll have to ignore them. You will face trials the day you start treading this path. And they will not end. Wasn’t that what the Prophets faced?

You may go broke.

Your child may die.

Your spouse may not be well.

You may lose your job.

But the classes don’t stop.

Depend on it that trials will come!

There’s no such thing as ‘failing’ in Islam. You just get critical feedback which points out your flaws.

There are no flaws that are not correctible.

You better find  and correct your flaws before Shaytan uses them against you.

How many a people leave off what they first started?

-Ustadh AT (H)


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