Sh. Ibn Taimiyyah’s ‘Al Aqidah al Wasitiyyah’, a True Treasure

Reading to the mind is like feeding your spirit with the bread of books. The healthier and the purer the literature you feed to it, the stronger the mind and soul become!

Title of the Book:  Al-‘Aqidah Al-Wasitiyyah

It is a detailed explanation with commentary of the noble Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen (R) on the book Al-‘Aqidah Al-Wasitiyyah by Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (R). So the author is the one scholar who is known to be proficient in almost all Islamic Sciences (wow!) and a commentary written by someone as knowledgeable and notable as Shaykh ‘Uthaymeen. A layman, like myself, would deem it to be something incomprehensible and only for very knowledgeable students of knowledge. You know the kind of people who are high ‘up there’ with their technical terminology knowledge-base. SubHanAllah, that was a wrong assumption because the text is so simple to understand that you’d be amazed that you’re actually reading a scholarly work. Mashaa’Allah la quwata illa billah.

The book is a 2 volume-set and I’m still on the first volume, and I’m totally in love with it for a number of reasons. The foremost being that it is explained in a manner to help the Muslim who aspires to be on Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jama’h, to understand the deviant sects in most simple ways. It also includes the beautiful and logical way the writer explains how atheism has no basis. But let me tell you that’s not the main goal of this book like most sect-refuting books. Those are just extra bonus things which prepare you to understand the different deviant sects better. I like how it builds up from very basic concepts of ‘aQeedah to much more interesting concepts by analyzing every word of Sh. Ibn Taimiyyah’s and explaning the intent of that word. What makes the book a treasure is that it has Arabic text in it so like all ‘good Muslims’ , we must be intending to learn Arabic, this book is excellent to pick up some basic terms, digest them and savour how they’re explained in Islamic context.

However, this book (according to my opinion) requires a few pre-requisites such as knowing the basic concepts of Tawheed and very basic ‘Arabic exposure to appreciate the full meaning of the words. It’d be a good idea to go through Kitab at-Tawheed with a teacher before you aim to read this book or take a small ‘aQeedah course. Then again, it depends upon everybody’s background and prior exposure to ‘aQeedah and ‘Arabic. This book would be an excellent one to memorize if you want to start somewhere and obviously for that purposes you’d have to get an ‘Arabic copy of it.

Not a book for leisure purposes. You can’t read it with half your attention and you can certainly not read it without pausing now and then and reflecting on it. If you get hold of it, you’ll love it even more because of the golden-edged pages so it really looks like a piece of ‘treasure’.

This book may not appeal to impatient readers because in reality this book’s a translation of an academic text. It may even seem ‘dry’ to some according to what some people have said. Since a family member of mine got this as a gift and since it didn’t really interest them as much, I naturally got my hands on it. Walhamdolilah.  It’s by Sh. Ibn Taimiyah, a scholar I admire and venerate deeply because of his works, quotes and religiosity. It’s explanation is by Sh. Uthaymeen, a scholar who’s close to my heart as well.  It’s on the topic I love, i.e. it’s about Allah SWT…what more could a reader ask for? A definite Eeman boost for me and it also makes your heart at peace that you’re following the most amazing religion which is the Ultimate Truth. Alhamdolilah times infinity for being born as a Muslim and alhamdolilah times infinity to the power of infinity for having that awareness about Allah SWT, however small it is for now. ‘aQeedah is the fundamental or crux of a Muslim’s Deen, so he/she must strive to know this obligatory piece of knowledge. This is important so that on death-bed, the Shaytan is unable to play with the doubts which were cleared while he/she had the chance to by learning more about the beliefs in Islam. Only knowledge clears doubts and puts hearts at ease. No scholar, no form of innovative ‘Ibadah.

Do check it out its details at Dar-us-Salam. If you’re interested in buying, it’ll be wiser to contact your local Islamic store inshaa’Allah.

And Allah SWT knows best.


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