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Productive Muslim reaches New Heights! [Mashaa’Allah TabarakAllah]

Weirdly inspiring.

Weird because I remember getting emails from Productive Muslim and the brother saying he’d climb a mountain. Didn’t really seem believable and so I didn’t anticipate that he’d actually do it.

I get an email yesterday since I’m on their mailing-list giving us the news that the brother actually climbed the mountain! Mashaa’Allah tabarakAllah!

Now that’s some determination. Just the inspiration I needed.

Not many people honor their words now, do they? And that too for charity. Most people take an easy way out.

A lot of people don’t reach far because they start believing what others around them say. They don’t believe that Allah SWT will help them through and they don’t have this strong faith in their potential.

Makes me feel that if this brother can climb a mountain, why can’t I do all those things I want to do but am not doing because I’ve already accepted defeat?

Check out the whole story here.

What I love about the post is the ‘lessons learnt’ part. That’s exactly something I’d do and they are just amazing mashaa’Allah. (I’m running out of vocab here. SubhanAllah!) I have been benefitting from Productive Muslim’s short and extremely interesting videos and articles. A sincere duaa goes out for the entire team!

May Allah SWT accept from the brother and everyone who supported him. May He SWT protect this good deed of the brother and make it extremely heavy on the scales of good deeds and grant him and his family the high level of  Jannatul Firdaus al ‘Ala for their high aims in this dunia to do khayr.Ameen.

Just going to re-post the lessons right here:



I want to share a few life lessons that I picked up along the way:

1. “Pole Pole”

This is the swahili phrase for “slowly, slowly”. The porters and guides kept reminding us throughout our climb that we need to walk “pole pole”. If we walked too fast, we’d be overcome by altitude sickness and forced to descend. A lesson in life was learnt here: to reach the top in anything in life, you need to go slowly. Don’t rush it, but be consistent and you’ll make it inshaAllah.

2. “It’s easy to climb a mountain but it’s hard to stay on top of it for a long time..”

I remember this quote from my 4th grade teacher when I failed a few exams after I was A student for all my school years. This advice took on a literal meaning during this journey; after reaching the Uhuru peak (the highest point in Africa), we were not allowed to stay there for more than 15-20 minutes due to fear that we would be overcome by altitude sickness. This is the Wisdom of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala), and it’s a strong lesson that no triumph in this world lasts forever and nothing remains high and on top except for He, Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

3. To reach your potential, have a clear/defined goal.

On this trip, reaching Uhuru peak was the ultimate goal for me. Having this aim and defined goal in mind made me more determined and helped me during the times when I thought I couldn’t make it or I should turn back. (Ps. Don’t be surprised if once you reach your goal, it feels like it doesn’t matter anymore. That’s how I felt when I reached Uhuru, and then I suddenly realized that it wasn’t Uhuru that was the goal, but the whole journey was truly important).

4. To achieve in life, you need 1.Physical Ability, 2. Mental Will, 3. Divine Assistance.

 a. Physical ability

I’m not saying that if you are disabled you won’t reach your full potential; there are many examples of disabled personalities that have achieved far more than fully abled people. However, by physical ability, I mean that you have the ability to force your body to go beyond its comfort zone and reach its full potential. As I said to you early, I’m not an adventurous guy or a trek guy, so my body was not accustomed too extreme conditions, but I forced it and tried not to listen to the voices that said “I’m too tired.”

b. Mental Will

Never underestimate the power of will in all your endeavours. This muscle in our mind, if it’s strengthened, is the key to huge success in this life and the Hereafter. Strong mental will is saying “I can” when all those around you say “you can’t!” It’s about overpowering your physical inability and finding ways to reach your full potential. Call it ‘hard-headed’ if you like but it works and it’s very important to be determined to reach your full potential.

c. Divine assistance

Most people mention to you the first 2 qualities as the key to reaching your full potential, but I truly could not have reached the top of Kilimanjaro or even step foot on the mountain if Allah had not allowed me or helped me. Asking Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) for help throughout the journey was my spiritual booster. Divine assistance works in mysterious and amazing ways and you need to be conscious totake notice; journey distances are shortened, you feel strong physically and mentally, it’s amazing.

5. Never underestimate the power of family and friends

A laugh, a cry, a hug, a du’a, or a smile are all boosters that each of us need from family and friends on our journey to reach our full human potential.


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