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There’s lots in a name!

How can today’s parents have daughters like the Sahabiat and the amazing women of Paradise (may Allah SWT be pleased with them all) when they no longer want to name them Asiya, Khadijah, Maryam, Fatima, Aisha and so on?

‘It must have a unique feel to it!’

Even if I have a million daughters, I’ll name each one of them in the following patterns of 4: Maryam, Khadijah, Asiya, Fatima, Maryam,Khadijah,Asiya,Fatima…of course I’d have to add a number next to their name to identify them. But jokes aside, these were the best women ever. Not to forget the mothers of believers!

Just the thought of these names inspires me. Imagine a child having such a name and taking these beautiful women as role models. Can someone named Maryam (whose parents teach her about Maryam AS), be less motivated to be a strong worshipper of Allah SWT? Can someone named Asiya have any less inspiration to become extremely patient in emotional and physical trials? Can someone called Khadijah be any less motivated to be supportive and tender as a wife or a family member? And the list goes on.

Astaghfirullah…what hypocrisy this world’s come to. You want your daughters to be these really pious girls but you can’t get over the desire to give them a unique name. I don’t like the new parents these days. Anyway, to each their own.

May Allah SWT protect us all from ignorance.Ameen.


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