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Umm Dardaa’ RA’s True Love for Knowledge

‘ I do not open them to study. I open them to live.’

“Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.”

-Walt Whitman

Umm Dardaa’ RA once said,

“I sought worship in all things and I did not find anything more satisfying than the gatherings of the scholars and their reminders.”

She was the noble female companion and she was the wife of Abu’d-Dardaa’ (RA). She died in circa 81 AH/ 700 CE.

She was learned in the Sciences of Hadith and Imam al Bukhari (R) referred to her as being an authority.

Ibn ‘AbdulBarr (R) referred her as being  ‘an excellent scholar, an intelligent woman and being very pious at the same time.’

[See Ibn ‘AbdulBarr, al Isti-‘abb fee Asmaa’ il-Ansaab]

Taken from: The Noble Women Scholars of Hadith, pp. 23


Just few thoughts/self-analysis questions:

  • How many Muslim women express shopping/talking to friends & family/certain pastimes (cooking etc.) as relaxing and satisfying?
  • How many of them do not consider ‘Ibadah as a chore?
  • How many of the Muslim women can say that with ease and luxury that out of so many acts of ‘Ibadaat that they are constantly doing,they  find such-and-such type of ‘Ibadah more satisfying?
  • Do Muslim women consider all their responsibilities as acts of worship? Why do they then feel like burdens?
  • Do they even consider taking care of their families and serving them as worship? If so, then why do they complain that their husbands don’t share in with the housework because really everyone should be greedy in accumulating good deeds. Why would anyone, regardless of the closeness of relationship, want the other person to excel them in good deeds?
  • How many Muslim women are knowledgeable AND pious at the same time?
  • How many Muslim women want to be mothers and wives of notable men of knowledge but know absolutely nothing about the basics of Islam?

Don’t the answers to all these questions make you sad?

As women fight for so-called ‘equality’ in this Dunia, they must recognize that justice will only be served in Akhira. That is if they have a problem with the creation, more specifically the men.
However, if they have a problem with the legislation of Allah SWT, then instead of questioning Allah SWT’s Wisdom, they must question their loyalty to the religion.
Let’s not forget the following verse:
And I (Allâh) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (Alone). [Surah adh-Dhariyat, 51:56]
Worship demands complete obedience and submissiveness, all done willingly out of love and sincerity, with knowledge of the do’s and don’ts. Therefore it is hard to imagine any form of obedience devoid of submissiveness, love,sincerity and knowledge. As a result stubborness, hatred/discontentment/unease towards the Deen, lack of sincerity and ignorance are barriers to performing an act of worship.
This Dunia’s not worth it.
Let’s pick our battles wisely.
And let’s have all our battles against our Nafs (lowly self/egoes) and not Allah SWT, His Wisdom, His Decree and His Laws naaoo’dhoobillah.
[a gentle reminder for myself FIRST and then others]
And Allah SWT knows best.

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