My Mother, my Dunia’s No. # 1 Blessing

Mum’s in the hospital. Alhamdolilah ‘ala kulli haal.

Regardless of what happens, I remember having hugged her the last time I had a conversation with her.

And the tears in her eyes.

I already feel this piercing pain of regret of not loving her and caring for her more in the past few days.

Mothers are such beautiful people…alhamdolilah for being blessed with a mother!  Many people don’t have such an amazing personality in their lives.May Allah SWT protect her,exalt her status and expiate all her sins.Ameen.

Ya Rabb, relieve me of my fear…only You are My Wali. Please give me another chance to take care of this beautiful blessing. I’ve fallen short yet again and I need your Mercy. I regret not being a good daughter…

Love you deeply… forever and ever,dear Ami, and sending duaas your way for your recovery.

2 comments on “My Mother, my Dunia’s No. # 1 Blessing

  1. State of goodness in everything for a believer! Oh Dhuhr time here, inshallah I will pray for you. Be strong.

    Love and Duas . x R x

    On a side note – terrible excitement I have found an amazing Arabic teacher to help me with my recitation, let the climb for the Hifdh Mountain begin! Inshallah!

    • Asalamoalaykum,

      Alhamdolilah all’s well. JazakiAllahu khayran for the duaas! :)


      Wow mashaa’Allah that’s such exciting news!!! Totally a dream come true! (at least for me)
      R, you must really work hard now…I’m counting on you to teach me inshaa’Allah :)
      Many duaas for all your accomplishments! I just hope you can achieve this Hifdh goal by next Ramadan…or at least memorize a great portion. Wouldn’t that be an amazing thing to look forward to? :) I mean everything’s possible (remember the story of the person who memorized in 2 months) as long as you have a sincere intention and strong will.
      It’s all uphill but you know now you’ve got all it takes to reach to the top! And don’t forget it’s Allah SWT’s special love and mercy for you that you got chosen out of millions of Muslims…He SWT grew in you the love for such a noble goal and then He SWT found you all resources such as this teacher…there’s no turning back from here on wards inshaa’Allah. Promise yourself that! :)

      ‘Recite and rise!’

      Lots of love,
      -Umm S.

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