Fiqh of Salah (Divine Link) Notes (Very Brief Summary)

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

Here I present to you a very brief summary of the standpoints of the 4 Madha-hib on issues which they differed upon in Salah. These were made out of necessity(that being exam) since I like to get the big picture of things and study by identifying patterns. Almost on all rulings, you can easily group the Madha-hib into two or majority vs. minority. Imam ash-Sha’fiee’s Madhab is somewhat the strictest and Imam Abu Hanifa’s the least. Imam Malik and Imam Ahmad’s Madha-hib lie in between. However, you may not notice a huge difference but this piece of information may help remember the difference of opinions better.

Please click here to access them.

Obviously it’s a work of human so there’ll be many mistakes. If you manage to spot them, please feel free to leave a comment indicating the precise place with correction.

I aim to one day upload complete notes of Fiqh of Salah-Divine Link. May Allah SWT give me the Tawfeeq to do so. Ameen.

May Allah SWT make this beneficial knowledge.Ameen.

JazakummAllahu khayran,

-Umm S.

P.S. Those of you who don’t know what this is about, please click here.

2 comments on “Fiqh of Salah (Divine Link) Notes (Very Brief Summary)

  1. Salam!!

    I just did my exam FoSalah that is – I passed! WHOO HOOO. I know the real test is applying this knowledge but this is one hurdle that I thought I would not be able to conquer, there are some areas that I still need to go over inshallah – I hope to do that in the next 13 days, biznillah. I wanted to tell you, because I used your notes, so thank you very much for taking the time to do the notes. I also prayed for you after Zuhr, my dua was for allah to sweep you heart and empty it this ramadan so you can fill it with the Qur’aan. May allah swt enable us both to contain His book as soon as possible.

    Love and duas.

    P.s. Information about the Asr start and end time was missing, and magrib was mispelt :) Attention to detail from my part, ignore me, but I wanted to show you that I actively read what you wrote. So thank you.

    Also an inspiring lecture, it reminded me of what you said: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HcWIRu-wrE

    • Walaykum asalam warahmatullah!

      ooooh! Mashaa’Allah la quwata illa billah! Congratulations dear friend :)
      How did you find it?

      Thank you so much for using them and taking out the time to point out my mistakes. Not many people do that so a BIG JazakiAllahu khayran!!! Really appreciate it. I left off info about ‘Asr because from what I remember there wasn’t any difference of opinion except on the basis of Zuhr which was understood. I’ll look it up again inshaa’Allah. And I’ll correct the spelling ;) Thank you sooo much!

      Made duaas for you too :) May Allah SWT accept all our duaas! :)
      Will add your video to one of my pages inshaa’Allah so you get multiple rewards for it!

      Lots of love,
      -Umm S.

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