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11 Points of Advice to Muslim Bloggers

  1. Blogosphere is not a rant-space. Your words are being recorded. If you back-bite about your family members, that’s being recorded too. Let’s not forget that, ‘Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, small minds talk about other people.’ So let’s keep people out of our conversations.
  2. Guard your Haya (modesty). You’re calling people to yourself if you’re sharing personal things on your blog which you’d only tell your friends/people of the same gender. You don’t want to attract the opposite gender by showing more of your personality in your writings. As Muslim women, we’re asked to not make our voices beautiful lest that those who have a disease in their hearts, behave in an immoral manner. There’s a lot of stress placed on how women must dress and behave with non-Mahrams. This shows that our slightest of acts could be a source of great fitna. And we wouldn’t want our brothers to fall into sins because of us now, would we? Please don’t forget your limits even though you live in the 21st century.  Allah’s Laws remain because the same human weaknesses remain.
  3. I’ll mention just in case: don’t put up your videos/pictures especially if you’re a female. And if you’re a male, well…do Muslim men really don’t mind being a source of sin?
  4. Don’t display your sins. Don’t tell the whole world what music you listen to. You know it’s haram. Don’t tell the whole world which movie you watched. You know it’s not right. If you had a messed-up past, you don’t need to tell the whole world about it as you introduce yourself to your readers EVEN IF you’ve become super-pious now. You could advise people in indirect manner but don’t use your sins to build rapport with your readers. Displaying your sins is not humility. It’s stupidity.
  5. Stop spreading confusions and doubts. If you have trouble with certain concepts of Islam, then know that you’re the problem and not Islam. Whether it’s polygyny or a Fiqh ruling, don’t legitimize your unease with the Commands of Allah SWT by openly talking about  in a manner that could create doubts in people who had no doubts earlier or in people who had doubts but needed to feel that they were ‘not alone’. This is dis-service to Islam and dis-service to your Muslim readers.
  6. Don’t talk the talk if you don’t walk the talk. Practice what you want to preach at least a minute before your post it or at least make the intention of doing it in the manner liked by Allah SWT if you’re currently struggling with it.
  7. Don’t behave like a miss/mister ‘know-it-all’. Do not talk about Allah SWT and His Messenger or any concept of religion without knowledge. Or without authentic knowledge. Make sure that the ahadith you quote are not fabricated/weak. Also make sure your ‘words of wisdom’ are not from deviated sects.
  8. Promote khayr that’ll lead to only khayr inshaa’Allah. Do not post videos of speakers whom you’re not sure about even if their lectures are highly motivating. Be careful and do some research on each one of them.Do not post weblinks on your blogroll even if they are wonderful individuals. You don’t want to be responsible for the misguidance caused by somebody else’s blog. Also, don’t post weblinks on your blogroll which will waste people’s times unless they provide some benefit. Again, you don’t want to be responsible for the wastage of somebody’s blessing (i.e. time).
  9. Don’t show-off. Keep your intentions in check. On the ‘About’ page, please ensure that you’re not writing a blurb to promote yourself to get a second,third, fourth wife if your intention is to promote Islam only. Or to even get married for the first time. Nobody cares about your sense of humor or what you do in your free time. In fact there’s no need to tell how many Shaykhs you studied from unless you want to tell your readers that you’re a trustworthy source for fatwas or you’re posting something on the basis of your own stand-alone research orrrr are planning to teach people through  your blog by devising your own little reminders/khuTTab/curriculum.
  10. Be welcoming and warm to your visitors/readers. If someone is brave enough and kind enough to comment on your blog, don’t make them wait forever to get a response! If they ask of you a certain thing, deal with them politely and generously. If you can’t then excuse yourself humbly and point out possible places where they could be helped. Display genuine care. Show some hospitality. You’re a Muslim after all.
  11. Be a source of proper inspiration. Inspire others to be inspired by Allah SWT and not you!
And Allah SWT knows best.

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