Recording: ‘Let the Hearts Submit’ by Sh. Omer Suleiman

This talk was an answered dua’a to be honest!

Beautiful lecture which provokes us to analyze ourselves right before Ramadan. Very helpful mashaa’Allah tabarakAllah.

Please click here to listen to the recording inshaa’Allah.

This is a personal effort and so please excuse any non-professionalism. I couldn’t access the live video because of the server being down for the first few minutes. I guess there were many people (1000+) trying to access the same page which is why that happened. Regardless of that, an excellent initiative by the Organizers and Speakers with great audio & video. May Allah SWT reward them abundantly and help them achieve the level of Ihsaan in their ‘Ibadaat just like Prophet SAW.Ameen.

Duration of the Audio: approx 1 hour long.

Interested in listening to the lectures live today and the next few days?

Please check this out for more info and don’t miss this wonderful opportunity inshaa’Allah.