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Ramadan Quraan Recitation Goals

Every time our Nabi SAW and Sahaba RA-ajma’-een were troubled, what did Allah SWT do? He sent down more Quraan to comfort their hearts and make them more steadfast! Therefore reading the Quraan is the only rapid way to increase one’s Eeman in a long-lasting manner. An Eeman rush that lasts for a longer time. We buy more when it’s sale season. Let’s buy our souls more Eeman by reading more of the Quraan this Ramadan!

When setting reading goals, you must consider the following:

  • How many times do you want to finish the Quraan? If you didn’t finish it even once last time, aim to finish it once. If you’ve been finishing it once for quite a few Ramadans, how about aim a little higher and finish off twice? Please don’t forget that while the aim is to read as much as we can, reciting it properly is very important inshaa’Allah. So if you haven’t reached the level of proper recitation (Tajweed), maybe you should aim to correct your enunciation first? Nothing to feel embarrassed or low about. We spend ~8 years to get a PhD, i.e. reach a certain high level of competency, but it’s surprising that most of us have been Muslims for over 10 years, yet we’re struggling with basic fundamentals of our worship, i.e. reading Quraan. It’s never too late to admit your mistakes and show humility. Remember, you’re showing humility to Allah SWT, the One who deserves your humility.
  • How many days can you fast? People who have a legal excuse to not fast (the traveller, the sick etc.) and are expecting that they’d be missing a few days, should keep their plans of reading realistic within those few days. Say if you’re travelling for a week and so you’d be outside of our comfort zone to do what you want to do, so maybe plan to finish off your Quraan goals within 20-23 days inshaa’Allah. Also, it’s worth making room for days when you may slack off. The important thing is to know your circumstances and plan accordingly inshaa’Allah.
  • How many times a day will you be able to read the Quraan without fail? Usually I like to break down my reading plan into 5 parts due to 5 daily prayers. But since we’d be praying Tarawih inshaa’Allah, I don’t think most of us would have energy to read some after ‘Ishaa. Now that’s my personal opinion based on past experience. So, maybe find out how many times a day can you read the Quraan? The key is to couple something you do daily without fail everyday (i.e. praying alhamdolilah) to something that you want to make a habit(reading certain portion of the Quraan).


Now, let’s do the Math:

1.  Aim: Finish Quraan once

  • No. of pages in MusHaf = 604
  • No. of days I want to finish it off in = for example –20 days (excluding 10 days in which I may be sick/too tired/low in Eeman)
  • No. of pages I need to read every day for 20 days = 604÷ 20 = approx. 30 pages per day
  • No. of prayers I want to divide it between = for example –3 (post-Fajr, post-Dhuhr, post-‘Asr timings –excluding post-Maghrib+post-Ishaa due to them being times to get ready for Tarawih and low energy)
  • No. of pages I need to absolutely complete with each of the 3 prayer timings to reach my goal of finishing the Quraan = no. of pages per day ÷ no. of prayers I want to divide it between = 30 ÷ 3 =  10 pages per each of the 3 prayers
2. Aim: Finish the Quraan twice
  • No. of pages to cover =  604 x 2 = 1,208
  • No. of days I want to finish it off in = for example –20 days (excluding 10 days in which I may be sick/too tired/low in Eeman)
  • No. of pages I need to read every day for 20 days = 1,208 ÷ 20 = approx. 60 pages per day (it’s not a lot!)
  • No. of prayers I want to divide it between = 3 or 4
  • No. of pages I need to absolutely complete with each of the
    • 3 prayer timings to reach my goal of finishing the Quraan = 60 ÷ 3 = 20 pages per each prayer ( i.e. almost one Juzz)
    • 4 prayer timings to reach my goal of finishing the Quraan = 60 ÷ 4 = 15 pages per each prayer (that’s not bad mashaa’Allah!)


The trick is to be consistent every single day after prayer. The aim of this post was not to state the obvious because I’m pretty sure everyone knows the Math in here and it’s nothing new.

The aim was to remind people that:

  • planning every activity of your Ramadan is important!
  • it is possible to complete the Quraan once, twice or even more if one does it consistently in small portions. For some people it’s an ‘unachievable’ goal. It’s only unachievable as long as you don’t do it. The impossibilities lie in your head. There’s no reality to them unless you make them real by believing in them.
  • planning makes big goals seem much more within your reach. Good habits can only be developed if we’re willing to swallow the struggle in small chunks every single day without fail.
  • admitting your weaknesses (i.e. taking into account the days you may slack) is important to reach greater heights. However, that must not give you a reason to be weak or slack in this case.

During Ramadan, Al-Shafi’i (R) used to complete reciting the Qur’an sixty times, excluding prayer times.

Qatada (R) regularly completed the Qur’an within seven nights, while during Ramadan, he completed it every three nights.

When Ramadan came, Al-Zuhri (R) left studying the hadith and study circles with scholars and he concentrated on reciting the Qur’an from the book (i.e. not from memory).

The point is not to be impressed by these statements and despair that you can’t be like these individuals.

The point is that if they can do it, we can too inshaa’Allah. Because they were humans too and they struggled to reach this level! And so it is humanly possible to reach great heights if one wishes too. The problem is that we either don’t wish that strongly or we’re too content with where we’re at. Allahu ‘Alam.


Thing that mustn’t be forgotten: duaa! You must make duaa for yourself and desire to reach this goal real bad. If you don’t have the desire or strong will, your pure intention will not take you far. Need help? Have a look at what pre-requisites are proposed by Imam ibn al Qayyim (R) to achieve your goals inshaa’Allah.
And Allah SWT knows best!
May Allah SWT put barakah in our goals and purify our intentions. May He SWT help us honor the Quraan like the Sahaba and all the great Salaf.Ameen.

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