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Motivation for Nafilah Salah — Part 1

“Their distinguishing feature is on their faces from the effect of Sajdah.” [Surah Al Fath, 48:29]

1. Prophet SAW’s Company in Paradise:

Rabiah bin Malik (Ka’b) al-Aslami RA narrated, I used to stay with the Prophet SAW at night and wait upon him to bring water for ablution and so forth. One day he told me:

“Wish anything you like from me!”

I said, “I ask your company in Paradise.”

He replied, “Anything else?”

I said, “That is all.”

He said,Then help me to achieve this for you by devoting yourself often to prostration.”



2. They rescue you during accountability of Salah:

“The first thing that the slave of Allah will be held accountable for is the obligatory prayer (FarD). If it is complete (then fine). If not, it will be said, “See if there are any voluntary prayers.” and so if there are then the obligatory will be completed from the voluntary, and the same will happen likewise with all the rest of the obligatory actions.”

[Ibn Majah:1415-Sahih]


3. Increase your real estate in Jannah:

Umm Habibah RA narrated, she heard the Messenger SAW say, “Whoever prays twelve (voluntary) Rak’ahs in a day and at night, a house will be built for him/her in Paradise. [Muslim]

  • Most Ulema say that this is for those who do it regularly and Allah SWT knows best.
  • 2 before Fajr, 4 before Zuhr and 2 after Zuhr, 2 after Maghrib, 2 after ‘Isha
4. Make Hell-fire haram for yourself:
Aishah RA narrated, the Prophet SAW said, “Whoever prays regularly four Raka’hs before Zuhr and four Raka’hs after Zuhr, Allah will forbid for him the Hell-fire.” [Ahmad]
  • So you can offer 12 (previous hadith) or 14 Raka’hs on daily basis.
5. Want the reward of  1 Hajj + 1 Umrah all without going to Makkah?
‘He who performs Fajr Salah with Jamaa’h and remains seated in the same place while engaging in Dhikr until after sunrise and thereafyer performs 2 Rak’ahs Nafl Salah (Ishraq), he will obtain the reward of one Hajj and one Umrah.’ [Tirmidhi]
  • This term for this Salah is Salatul Shuruq (or Ishraq) and is different from Duha prayer in that, this is offered right after sunrise and Duha prayer is offered anytime from sunrise to the point when the sun reaches its zenith (al-Istiwa).
  • Just because you’ll get the reward of Hajj and Umrah does not lift off the obligation from you to perform Hajj physically! :)
  • Sh. Abu ‘Eesa said that women can achieve the same reward by doing this at home! Alhamdolilah! And of course Allah SWT knows best but we can hope that women get the reward too. For brothers, it is when they offer Fajr in congregation.
6. Can’t give charity often? Use your Duha prayer!
  • Abu Dharr RA narrated, the Messenger SAW said, “…the words ‘Praise be to Allah’ is a charity; the words ‘There is no god but Allah’ is a charity; the words ‘Allah is Great’ is a charity’ enjoiniing the good is a charity’ deterring from evil is charity; And al-Duha prayer of 2 units substitutes all of these.” [Muslim]
  • Abu Huraira RA said : “My Khalil (friend) (the Prophet Shalallahu ‘alaihi wa Salam) advised me to observe three things and I shall not leave them till I die: 1. “To observe Saum (fasting) three days every (lunar) month; 2.” To offer the Duha prayer; 3. To offer Witr prayer before sleeping.” [Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim.]

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