O Muslims! Seek Paradise of this Dunia this Ramadan!

Day 1 of Ramadan brought in powerful tides of realizations.

All the hate, negative emotions, hurt, sadness, grief only exist when a Muslim is far away from His Lord. He may be praying regularly, may be doing everything required of him, but his heart may still be more attached to his body than to His Rabb.

Allah SWT says in the Quraan (can’t remember the ayah) regarding the past perished nations that Shaytan beautified their sins for them. That what would seem ugly by one’s natural instinct (fitrah) would  seem beautiful and appealing to an individual. So much so that a person is then unable to distinguish between what is right and wrong.

I know where I stand but I also have started understanding myself more now. Islam has changed the seasons of my heart. This has attracted a lot of trouble for me in terms of dunia but I think I can finally relax and no longer feel that I’m wrong.  I find it quite amazing how life’s likes/dislikes/interests change. Lemons seem like sweet oranges. And any shiny object seems too good to be true.

Allah SWT beautifies certain things to His slaves which may seem ordinary to others but extraordinary to that slave. It’s like the eyes no longer see the temporary defects/benefits. People and things become beautiful to you just because they remind you of Allah SWT. And likewise the most ‘pious’ of ‘pious’ lose respect in your eyes when their character does not support their talk.

Something is constantly gnawing on a human’s time and a human’s soul. Just like how rat keeps on gnawing to keep its teeth intact…consistently working on a piece of material. If our life could take a form of object, that piece of material is our life. And Shaytan is that rat which keeps on gnawing…non-stop. That’s when a human feels as if his life is constricted. Nothing seems enough any more. The desire for more money, love, security, appreciation, fame, means of success  escalates as the Shaytan keeps on gnawing away on our lives until he runs out of it, until our desires out-do our lives, and we die. Most individuals die unhappy of this whole world and soon to be unhappy because of what regrets await them. Regrets of wasting time in looking for happiness.

It is not a joke when Rasulalah SAW said that the coolness/delight of his eyes lies in Salah. I swear by Allah SWT and I could have sworn before because I believed in it as much as I do today as I did yesterday, that there’s no true happiness except in worshipping Him. Ramadans will come and go and not many of us would have felt the sakeenah on our hearts. Or we may feel it only until ‘Eid and things return to chaos. I urge all of us to make sincere duaas for ourselves that Allah SWT gives us true guidance. A guidance that makes one’s heart light and cheerful so that no matter what comes our way we are extremely patient and accept it with a smile. A guidance that makes us so steadfast that we do not swerve even for a minute no matter how many times we fall and have to re-start our journeys. A guidance which teaches us not to give the control of our hearts to people, things and certain events of our lives. A guidance that illuminates one’s heart even though one may be living in the deepest well of darkness. The power of duaa is so under-estimated. Know that Iblis is far away from His Mercy…so use it against him by beseeching Allah SWT via His Mercy.

We are a generation of high-tech lifestyle. We don’t accept things unless they are complicated. Simple solutions seem like useless solutions to us. So when you tell someone who complains of having less time in their day or difficult life that dear sister please hold onto morning and evening Adhkaar and you’ll see a difference…you may be answered by a half-hearted disappointed nod. But instead if you suggest that to achieve the same effect, you’ll have to climb Mt. Hira and fly a paraglider and scream Allahu Akbar at the top of your lungs from Mt. Hira, people would be more likely to ‘believe’ in that.

Allah SWT made us complex biologically but gave us very simple solutions to our life’s most scariest problems. Please don’t forsake them just because they don’t seem complicated enough or ‘scientific’ enough. The Sunnah of Rasulalah SAW is called ‘hikmah’ or wisdom. Wisdom in Islam is doing the right thing at the right time in the right manner using the right tools, giving everything its Haqq and not transgressing the limits set by Allah SWT. There’s a reason why the Sunnah is called ‘wisdom’. Salatul Ishraaq was his Sunnah. How many of us do that? Need more time? Be obedient to the One who can give you that. Please Him. How can He SWT not give you whatever halal you want?

Solutions to our lives do not exist in pharmacies, doctor’s office, at the psychologist’s, our friends’ place, in a certain country,stable finances, or even in the comfort of our families. We can have none of that, no resources that is, and we can still have everything. Our lives may seem turbulent to others but we can ride on those turbulent waves to reach greater heights. We can reach Paradise of this world with our ‘Ibaadah. Dear brothers and sisters, seek that Paradise this Ramadan! Trust me, once you taste its sweetness, you wouldn’t want to let go of it even if the Ramadan’s over.

Ibn al-Qayyim (R) said:

“Rushing towards Allah and depending on Him, being pleased with Him, filling the heart with love of Him, constantly remembering Him, feeling happiness and joy with knowing Him – all of these are instantaneous rewards, a paradise of this world, and a life that the lives of kings cannot even compare to.

I heard Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (may Allah have Mercy on him) say: “Indeed, there is a paradise in this world. Whoever doesn’t enter it will not enter the Paradise of the Hereafter.” And he once said to me: “What can my enemies do to me? My paradise and garden are in my chest, and they are with me wherever I go. My imprisonment is my privacy with Allah, my killing is martyrdom, and my expulsion from my homeland is tourism.”

And Allah Knows that I never saw anyone with a purer life than him despite what he was experiencing of hardship and lack of relaxation and rest, and despite his imprisonment and fear of being killed. With all of this, he lived the purest life, had the strongest and most open heart, was happiest in spirit, and had a face that emanated the brightness of delight. When we were frightened, had desperate thoughts, and felt as if the world was choking us, we would rush to him. Simply by seeing him and hearing his words, this would all turn into relaxation, certainty, and assurance. So, glory to the One who allowed His slaves to witness His Paradise before meeting Him and opened for them its doors in this life, giving them from its taste and sweet breeze that they have been dedicating their strength to seeking and competing for.

And some of the people of knowledge would say: “If the kings and their sons knew what we were experiencing, they would have fought us with swords over it.” Another said: “The people of this world are deprived. They left this world without tasting the sweetest thing in it!” It was asked of him: “And what is that?” He said: “Love of Allah, knowing Him, and remembering Him.” So, love, knowledge, and constant remembrance (dhikr) of Allah, leaning to Him, feeling tranquil with Him, singling Him out for love, fear, hope, dependence, and attention – such that He alone is the main concern and preoccupation of the slave and his goals – is the paradise and delight of this world that no other delight can compare to, and it is the coolness of the eyes of those who love Allah, and true life for those who know Him.”

[‘al-Waabil as-Sayyib’ (pp. 44) ]

May Allah SWT bless us with that Paradise…Ameen.

And Allah SWT knows best.


2 comments on “O Muslims! Seek Paradise of this Dunia this Ramadan!

  1. salamaunalaikum.

    ramadan mabrook.

    Mashalllah ur articles are worth reading and reflecting… i need some time to read and ponder upon some important articles on ur blog.Inshallah i will do it.


    • Wa alaykum asalam warahmatullah,

      JazakAllahu khayran for your kind words. May Allah SWT give us the Taufeeq to ponder over His Words and derive benefits from them as well.Ameen.

      Please remember the rest of the Ummah in your duaas in this blessed month.

      Best Wishes,
      -Umm Sulaym

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