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Children, Women & Doing Good

Alhamdolilah for the most precious people whom Allah SWT has created and made us naturally love so much, i.e. children. SubhanAllah one would notice that even in the most difficult of situations, their cuteness brings a smile to one’s face. Especially during Ramadan when you see 2 year-olds doing Sajda to Allah SWT alongside their mothers and older siblings. Most of them wearing hijabs  so nicely draped that you can’t even see their cute faces. While others wearing earrings even though they can barely walk properly. How beautiful it must be to raise daughters. Sons just grow rough and tough and love running around doing somersaults…but girls, you need to protect them. If they trip and start crying, you not only need to hug them like you’d do for little boys, you have to love them enough so that they’re strong enough to go back to what they were doing. Just beautiful how different the two genders are from the very start. And it’s amazing how Allah SWT grows these little girls into young women who become mothers and face so many emotional and physical challenges in the process…subhanAllah.

Sisters: if you see a woman shedding tears, know that she still needs comfort. Go give her a free hug even if you don’t know them.

Brothers: if Allah SWT has blessed you with a few women under your care (mother, grandmas, sisters, wives, daughters, mother’s/father’s sisters – aunts), and if they end up crying, don’t dismiss their crying as ‘womanly emotional drama’. They need to be reassured, loved and hugged as much as they needed when they were little girls. Treat them like fragile vessels!

Don’t forget that in Ramadan we are supposed to be extra inclined towards doing good. Not just to people we don’t know but also those we know…in fact, everyone! And part of being good to others is comforting them when they need it the most. Not when you are in a mood to…or when you have the time…or when you understand what they’re going through. Notice what I said in the previous sentence, ‘when they need it the most.’

And Allah SWT knows best.


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