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August 20: Online Conference on Marriage

For those of you who may be interested:

I don’t like the title, ‘Finding Halal Love’, because in my opinion there is no such thing as ‘haram’ love. I think there is no ‘love’ outside of halal boundaries. It’s just a trick of Shaytan and I think we shouldn’t make the word ‘love’ impure like the Kuffaar. But anyhow that’s just me. It makes sense though why they chose such a title. We need to think like the majority and cater to their mental states and attitudes when dealing with such a topic.

I feel I develop ‘type IV hypersensitivity’ even at the thought of such discussion because of being exposed to it several times. (Alhamdolilah?) However, it’s important to attend these things if you want to be a mentor in your community. I know the major impediment on the road to have a stronger spiritual life with girls in the late teens and early 20’s (even 30’s) is a problem associated with marriage. Parents don’t realize the negative impact but subhanAllah, it saddens me when I listen to sisters telling me how difficult it is at times to cope with certain challenges in this aspect of their lives. The most difficult thing is that you can’t really mediate between the parents and children. I wish I could. Such discussions are taboo so young people suffer on their own, their spiritual lives suffering severely. The potential future leaders of Ummah, who are so bright, get tangled in these issues and are unable to excel. So many young people’s Eeman’s lost to such things. At such times, I honestly wish so strongly that Rasulalah SAW were alive…he would make the parents accountable for the harm they’re unknowingly causing in their love for their children. Parents need to be educated too. They’re not the ‘bad’ guys but that’s what the young people start thinking them as and so the harmony of households is disrupted. The children no longer respect their parents which leads them to committing major sin of not being obedient to them and misbehaving with them. Wallahi, I thought it was just one or two people I know but I was horrified to find out how common this problem is. There’s a serious issue between grown-up children and parents in almost all households these days. While it’s not possible to have perfect lives, it’s possible to have that patience to be content with whatever that comes your way and thus control your behaviour in a manner pleasing to Allah SWT. Most of us kids forget how important it is to be respectful to our parents even if they are wrong. May Allah SWT bless all our parents, grant them Jannatul Firdaus al ‘Ala and make us obedient to them.Ameen.

Anyway, Allah SWT tests us through those whom we love the most. Allah SWT is Ash-Shakoor even if the whole world doesn’t appreciate your steadfastness and perseverance. This world is temporary and so is every ‘happiness’ associated with it. We must recognize that He SWT is also the Only Healer and He provides a way out for those who seek it through His Remembrance.

Definitely a must for teenagers…inshaa’Allah…especially for ladies.

And Allah SWT knows best.

May this be beneficial for the speakers, organizers and the attendees…and may Allah SWT make it a source of barakah for everyone’s marital lives. Our Lord! Bestow us our spouses and our offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and make us leaders for the Muttaqun.Ameen.

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