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I may not be a chatter-box (alhamdolilah) but really… my fingers are  ‘talkative’.

Astaghfirullah. Innalilahi-wa-inna-ilayhi-raji’-oon.

I was looking for a not very old post and I realized how much I’ve written in the past one month or two.

It’s time for accountability.



  • I have developed the bad habit of writing without thinking seriously which makes my posts very long and full of errors. I usually have no time to edit my posts but I don’t think that’s a good excuse. Not a believer of quantity vs. quality but I think that I get so passionate about a topic that I overlook the patience of my audience. Less is more when speaking acc. to the Sunnah and maybe writing too. Struggling with writing less right now! May Allah SWT protect my blessing and make me not ungrateful.Ameen.
  • More evidence against me on the Day of Judgement. Just have to analyze whether I keep practising what I preach.
  • I must channelize my writing and dedicate it for something serious. My attitude towards my blog is very relaxed. I also like my blog to be a very private place. I don’t like to be under scrutiny of strangersBut I feel some of my write-ups if modified (and made shorter) will be useful for the greater public. Rather, they must be promoted to a greater community. Either I have to get out of my shell OR I need to find a new kunya and fast.
  • Rectify my Intentions! Intentions! Intentions! Am I writing because I like doing that or am I writing to seek Allah SWT’s Pleasure?
Conclusion and Verdict:
I badly need to learn how to write effectively (as much as I hated technical writing in university). Make an impact with fewer words in a long-lasting manner. Therefore, must seriously make duaa for an opportunity to gain proper skills in this area if I want to get anywhere in Jannah through writing. Until I get that opportunity, I must control myself and limit the number of my write-ups! It’s like controlling a child from going to the table which is laden with candies. Bad analogy, I know. SubhanAllah, it is hard not to write. Writing ineffectively is somewhat like speaking excessively. Most people don’t realize that we’re also going to  accountable for what we write/type.
May Allah SWT forgive me for my ignorance! Ameen.

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