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Get your Do’s and Don’ts Right!

Don’t forget: you’re a slave. HE is the Master. Know your place.

Don’t complain.

Don’t seek to hasten things. You never know they may be trials waiting to pounce on you.

Don’t depend on anyone except Allah SWT, as soon as you start doing it, you’ll be tested through that dependency.

And while you take care of all the don’ts, do just 3 things consistently:

(1) thank Allah SWT for everything esp. for being a Muslim

(2) make duaa for guidance for yourself and others

(3) always have good expectations from Allah SWT

(that whatever happens to you is good for you whether you like it or not!)


[a gentle reminder for myself first and then others]

And Allah SWT knows best

[Note: my feeble attempt to write shorter reminders, may Allah SWT accept! Most of it easily fit in the fb status so I think it’s a huge accomplishment alhamdolilah.]


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