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Collection of Quraanic Duaas – A Continuation

I had decided to start a page dedicated to authentic duaas last Ramadan because there were many fake websites which confidently advocated the recitation of certain duaas  ‘x’ number of times to get the desired effect without any evidence from Quraan and/or Sunnah. There were also some Shia websites which interestingly got the first hits if you searched on google for duaas. I was fearful because it is very likely that some people may end up on these websites and they may end up reciting duaas which may have Shirk in them as well. They may even send it to their friends and it can start a chain reaction of eeman destruction. That’s like a total disaster…subhanAllah.

I have decided to continue the project even though there may be some good websites related to authentic duaas now. Authentic info must have a greater cyber presence than all the other not so authentic info. All of us must actively fight intellectually against the falsehood there is out there. May Allah SWT guide us and keep us on guidance. Ameen.

Alhamdolilah, there was a huge traffic to that page on my previous blog which means people did eventually reach it and really needed it. It also increased me in my dependency on the Words of Allah SWT. Imagine not even knowing the right words to call unto Allah SWT for help. That’s the real state of a human. Doesn’t that increase helplessness in us and make us stronger believers?

So with all those benefits, I wish to continue from where I stopped inshaa’Allah.

I hope it makes us appreciate the beauty and the comprehensive nature of the Quraanic duaas. And we can utilize them in the last 10 days of Ramadan. Link to the page on previous blog:  Collection of Quranic Duas.

For this blog, it’ll have it’s own page, right here. With renewed intentions, let’s begin inshaa’Allah: Bismillah.

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