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Last 10 Nights of Ramadan – Marriage of the Two Loves: Hifdz & Qiyaam al Layl

Final Call:

If you really absolutely totally want to build a habit of memorizing the Quraan and Qiyam al-Layl, then the next 10 nights (and even days) must be utilized to combine your two goals. Each will help the other. Inshaa’Allah these are the habits you must strive to keep for the rest of your life. Because I swear by Allah SWT, life without these two noble goals is:

  • stressful
  • unmanageable
  • not worth looking forward to, i.e. boring
  • unbearable
  • meaningless
  • worthless
  • basically…lifeless
On the other hand, when you combine these two things in your life and make them a regular habit, they will inshaa’Allah:
  • empower you, i.e. you’ll have higher level of Tawakul
  • protect you spiritually – it will take care of your Eeman dips
  • get you special help benefits -in your most difficult times: Allah SWT will help you from some amazing means and you’ll be surprised
  • give you excellent physical health – if you have clinical depression/OCDs/insomnia/high blood pressure/cancer/any chronic illness, try this out for yourself and find out the results!
  • act as an anti-oxidant (will make you look & feel younger) and detox your body/soul from clutter
  • and oh tonnnns of Akhirah benefits
Pick any Surah that you wish to memorize, dedicate your morning time to its memorization (post-Fajr) and night time (Tahajjud) to review. Need ideas? Please click here.
But between the memorization and reviewing at night, you need to do more reviewing. Sitting, standing, cooking, driving…all the time!
Like any work-out in which the trainer tells you to do 10-50 reps, likewise, while exercising your brain muscles for Quraan, you have to a certain  number of reps to make your memory stronger.  Without that, you may not achieve the right results. Or you may but they may not be long-lasting.
Some people do not make a distinction between memorizing and reviewing so they clump everything together. Find out what’s more suitable for you. Do you prefer doing it in chunks or do you like to do it all together? What is more exciting for you? What is less tiring for you?
I really like the writing it out idea. The key thing is to engage all your senses and faculties in learning inshaa’Allah. Don’t forget to recite it in front of a teacher to get your mistakes corrected!
These last 10 days are especially useful to pick up these habits because Muslims all around the world are trying to stay away from distractions and making special duaas. So maybe you could make duaa for yourself (and me too) that Allah SWT aids you in memorizing the Quraan and committing to Qiyam al-Layl for the rest of your life. If you could do this right now, you surely have the potential to continue. Start strong now and continue these habits after Ramadan as well. Remember, Shaytan cannot manipulate a sincere believer! It’s in the Quraan! Trust your Lord! :)
Wishing you all and your families a spiritually-uplifting retreat!
Be nice and allow others to be nice to you. If you want others to help you in your Ramadan goals, help others too! Please don’t become a source of fitnah for others, control your speech.
Let’s make this as smooth, peaceful and productive as possible inshaa’Allah.
May we all reach Laylatul Qadr and reap its rewards! Ameen.
Would be appreciated if I’m remembered in your duaas because you all most definitely are believe it or not!
Wasalamu ‘alaykum warahmatullah,
-Umm Sulaym

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