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Seek your Forgiveness via Forgiving Others

‎‎”…who restrain anger and pardon all – for Allah loves those who do good (Mohsineen)” [3:134]

Seek Allah’s forgiveness next 10 nights by forgiving all those who’ve hurt you deeply:

I know some of us are hurt due to certain people’s misconduct. Sometimes you need to forgive that person every single day to get over the hurt. You may even want to make duaa against him. But a Muslim mustn’t forget his focus. Your purpose is not to satisfy your ego but to satisfy Allah SWT. Please, please, please do not decrease your reward!

‘Uqbah ibn Aamir asked Prophet Mohammed SAW, “O Messenger of Allah, tell me the best of deeds.”

He told him, “O ‘Uqbah:

(1) maintain ties with the one who cuts you off,

(2) give to the one who deprives you,

(3) do not seek revenge on the one who wrongs you.’

According to another report, he said: ‘Forgive the one who wrongs you.”

[Ahmad & Tabarani. See Majma’ az-Zawaa’id, 8/188. , Baab makaarim al-akhlaaq.]


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