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Post-Ramadan Guilt/Stress Disorder

…can be resolved by taking some steps towards ensuring that you have a productive life after Ramadan.

We all face Ramdan blues. We all hate that feeling. But most of us live with that feeling.

Let’s use this strong feeling for His Sake and change our lives!

Sh. Muhammad al Shareef’s doing the ‘Bring-it’ Event this year as well. But this year’s seems ‘action-packed’ and more focused on immediate changes. I have recognized the value of knowing about the key factors that facilitate change. In fact, I’m in the learning stage and I can’t stress enough how important it is for us Muslims to utilize this information for ourselves. We need guidance in all our aspects. There are change-management coaches and what not for  dunia-related issues to achieve  limited dunia-related goals. And there are tens of thousands of people working on the concept of change whether at the personal level or at the level of their organizations. They attend seminars/workshops all around the world and spend time/money learning about making those changes. Yes! Non-Muslims striving to work with Ihsaan to make things work for them and others! And what about us? Why are we so lazy as a people?

Why don’t we take action?

We read Surah Al Kahf every Friday. What does it say about Dhul-Qarnayn?



What do verses 85, 89 and 92 highlight? Dhul-Qarnayn took action and different routes to achieve his goals and so he was successful!

How cool would it be to learn how to change your dunia by fine-tuning your goals for Akhira? How cool it’d be to get Dunia as you seek Akhira?

I can trust Sh. Muhammad with giving amazing examples from Seerah to motivate us so inshaa’Allah this whole thing will be part of your ‘Ibaadah, i.e. learning and implementing. Absolutely love his style of connecting with the Seerah and I use it to study Seerah myself. Very powerful and enlightening!

You’ve got nothing to lose inshaa’Allah. Only to gain bi-fadlilaah inshaa’Allah!

Check out the all the amazing stuff you’d learn inshaa’Allah, right here: http://www.postramadan.com/.

Remember: A lot of people have assigned a negative value to this Dunia. But really Dunia itself is a neutral commodity. If you use it as a vehicle for Akhirah then you know your priorities. You just need to set it right so that you have fewer distractions as you work on your Dawah projects/all other Ibadaat. Fewer distractions, better focus on Akhirah inshaa’Allahu ta’la! All our distractions become our excuses.  As Sh. Muhammad always says, ‘Give your excuses a black eye!’ And all our excuses are due to our lack of planning. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail!And Allah SWT knows best!



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