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Alhamdolilah for the cool water to splash my tired eyes with. Alhamdolilah for bread, butter, and honey to make me feel nice and full.
Alhamdolilah for the writing desk to be able to write words that cannot be silenced.
Alhamdolilah for the world map in my room to make me realize everyday that there must be a million Muslims in difficult situations all around the globe who may be better worshippers than me. Alhamdolilah for the guilt after an Eeman dip.
Alhamdolilah for a yesterday that wasn’t very ‘Eemanful’ which has made my present more Eemanful as I regret and repent for the time lost.
Alhamdolilah for Umm Sulaym RA for being a great inspiration for me to persevere in patience. Alhamdolilah for my love for her because her love has made me love her son Anas RA. This love has made me especially love all the ahadith reported by him and thus increase the probability of remembering them.


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