Testimonial: Valley of Seekers

Alhamdolilah, I was blessed by Allah SWT to take a course on a topic that’s SO DEAR to my heart and that is the Beautiful Names and Attribute Allah SWT.

Soon after the course, as I was sitting waiting for my ride, I felt totally different from inside.

I finally felt that I had come to terms with whatever I had been going through for the past few years. I finally understood what life was really about. Sure, I had studied a bit of Quraan, hadith,salaf’s sayings and tid-bits of everything. But no branch of Knowledge is as powerful as Knowledge of Allah SWT.

You know how it’s like when you’re a child, you cry and you wait for your mom/dad’s attention and keep crying until you get that.

To Allah SWT belongs the Highest of Examples : I felt that I had been yearning for Him too long to be so broken hearted that I felt I wasn’t getting any where in my spirituality. I was longing for His Attention. After so many trials, I just was coming to a point in my life that made me feel that I, as a human, did not matter to Allah SWT because I had failed all my tests.  I had been crying so long, too long, for some comforting arms to nestle into.

I found that comfort in every single name of Allah SWT. Every single Name. We studied 81 from Quraan and 18 from authentic Sunnah.

The kind of comfort that one runs to and seeks refuge in when nothing seems to work out. The kind of comfort you know is always going to be there. The special kind of comfort that lifts of all the burdens off your back. SubhanAllahi wabihamdi, subhanAllahil ‘Adzeem.

SubhanAllah, I found this element of Love and Mercy in each one of His Names and my good expectations of Allah SWT have escalated to a level of adoration of Him Azz Wa Jall that is unsurmountable. I finally feel that I was not wrong. That the Tawakul I had in Him was healthy. That no matter what I get in this dunia, it does not mean that Allah SWT has forgotten about me.

It is almost like through this course I got this affirmation for my restless heart that Allah SWT is not entirely displeased with me. That, just because He SWT chose me to be there out of so many Muslims who could’ve benefitted, is a very powerful Sign of His Love for me.

Learning and living with the Names of Allah SWT has:

  • increased my consciousness of His Presence and made me aware of Him Evaluating me at all times
  • increased my khushoo’ in Salah by making me feel as I am really standing in front of Him
  • increased my reliance on Him by making me forget the consequences of standing up for Al-Haqq
  • increased my certainty in my beliefs by helping me realize that this world is not created without a reason
  • increased my independence from His Creations to a high level
  • increased my mental peace
  • increased my level of patience with His Obedience
  • increased my love, hope and fear of Him
  • made me see His Mercy in all my affairs
  • made me see His Wisdom in all events of my life in which I felt lost
  • filtered my soul from all its doubts
  • made me feel loved by Allah SWT
  • made me feel what a terrible slave I’ve been
  • helped me see the reality of this worldly life and recognize my true purpose

Alhamdolilah, the list’s endless.

Without any shadow of a doubt, there’s cure for everything in this type of Knowledge. Cure for the bodies, cure for the hearts/souls, solutions for all your troubles and weaknesses and for all the happy times which make us forget Him.

I think Allah SWT’s Names are sufficient for  believers all over the world, whether they live in oppressive lands, or war/famine struck areas.

Al Wahhab blessed me with this heba of love of knowledge. And yet, still He SWT calls Himself Ash-Shaakir, the One who Appreciates your efforts. Mind-blowing! He SWT blesses us with hidaya, we do a good deed by His Mercy upon us and then He SWT is Thankful even though He SWT blessed us with everything to begin with AND on top of that His Love for me and you does not decrease. It only increases with every sin we repent for.  Allahu Akbar!

It’s only Shaytan who makes us despair.

I am a witness against myself! Truly Allah SWT has opened doors of khayr for us. He SWT values us so much that He SWT kicked Iblees out of Jannah just because he didn’t prostrate to our father, Adam AS. He SWT values us so much that He SWT created all His Creations for us and us, especially, for Him. And what a blessing it is that He SWT created the Creations with such level of Ihsaan that when we start studying it and contemplating over it, it reminds us of Him. So unless we deliberately want to forget, a true Mo’min, will always have Allah SWT on his mind. 24/7…all days a year.

Whether the world crushes you or humiliates you or even deserts you, always know: it’s all a delusion. Underneath that hurt is His Special Opportunity for You to come closer and closer….and closer to Him.

You by a hand-span.

He SWT by an arm’s.

With all that crawling, when you begin to stand up and walk towards Him and with so many forces pulling you back…

…you may see the people of this dunia running away from what you start Loving…You may be alone on this road…

Recognize that you may not see this but know He’s Running, befitting His Majesty, towards you.

Yes, you!

With Him as a Wali, a Protecting Friend, in this dunia and Akhira…He’s going to take care of you and those whom you love. Forget about how big or small the good deeds are, do ’em all. Forget about launching mega projects, just start from yourself, your family and friends.

You’ve got no time to waste over regrets of your past and fears of future.

You’ve got no time to think twice before you make that extremely important decision of your life in the direction of His Pleasure.

You’ve got no time to sit and wait for that ‘ideal time’. Let go of your inhibitions to undertake a step that might be good for your Akhira. Whether that’s changing a major at university that’ll teach you the skills to help the Ummah, making a decision move to an Islamic country not for the sake of job but for the Sake of Allah SWT, being upfront and talking to your non-Muslim supervisor at work so that you could be allowed to pray on time and/or near a Masjid, proposing someone for marriage you’ve been thinking for ages is worth inquiring about for his/her Islamic qualities (in an Islamic manner of course) and not fearing rejection, going to a local halaqah even though you’re tight for time, or even talking to a colleague about Islam very openly in a non-apologetic manner. Do something different. Go out of your comfort zone for once for His Sake.


Because Allah SWT is Al-Witr and He SWT wants us to aim for excellence and stand out for His Pleasure.
And ultimately because Jannah awaits you and me, inshaa’Allah.

So continue and persevere. Base your decisions upon your Akhira. Amazing things might just happen to you.

Inshaa’Allah :)

And Allah SWT knows best.

I’m working on the notes and inshaa’Allah will upload them as soon as my team’s done.

Wasalamu ‘alaykum warahmatullah,

-Umm Sulaym

P.S. Just had to share this. Until very soon, it’s time for hibernation again.


3 comments on “Testimonial: Valley of Seekers

  1. Subhanallah! So glad you are back! Whoo.

    You know I accidentally went on to your page – as if by accident! There are no accidents (Kungfupanda :P)
    But I was glad I did.

    I love this post, I was thinking about Allah’s names the other day. You know I really think not enough emphasis is given to the names, when I found all about them I felt I had uncovered a huge gem! It was amazing, the feeling is euphoric. You find your thinking why did I not know about these names before!!

    ‘Say! Call upon Allah, or call upon Rahman, by whatever name ye call upon Him it is well, for to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names.’

    There- right there is that command, to call him! But how can we when we dont even know him. Oh , it makes me sad that people are unaware of the names. I tried telling those who are close to me but it is as if they don’t get it , then I began doubting myself. but no, the day will come where everyone will be concerned with just themselves and them alone.

    The knowledge of Allah swt is the best of knowledge. He swt is lovely, so kind and gentle he is protecting us from his wrath and in doing so it shows the level of his mercy more. May He swt shower blessings on Sh. Riad to keep presenting it in his enigmatic delivery. May he do more pushups to give him more strength!

    “O Allah! it is not strange that I love You because I am a weak servant,
    but it is strange that You love me when You are the King of Kings.”

    Love, love R.x

  2. Oh this is most befitting:

    I made four mistakes in my preliminary steps in this Way. I thought that:
    I remember Him
    and I know Him
    and I love Him
    and I seek Him,

    – but when I reached Him I saw that:
    His remembering of me preceded my remembrance of Him,
    and His knowledge about me preceded my knowledge of Him
    and His love towards me was more ancient than my love towards Him,
    and He sought me in order that I would begin to seek Him.

    R. Allah is great! Zuhr time now inshallah, will make a super intense dua for you, please pray for me too!

    • Allahu Akbar. I read this today and it gave me goosebumps and made my heart tremble!
      You MUST start a blog…honestly now…it’s about time. Share what inspires you R.!
      Wish you were here. UK’s too far for little ol’ me to swim to…even though it’s 28cm away on the map. :(
      Miss you loadssss! <3
      Wasalamu 'alaykum,

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