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Excellenttttt E-book: ‘Being True to Allah SWT’

“…the biggest problem facing Islam today is the lack of the sincere and truthful amongst those who are working for Allah, except for those few hidden, pious, and pure people who were made for leading nations, and were made for navigating the ship…”


Like how people talk about their comfort ‘foods’, I have an alternative more in tune with preferred Islamic lifestyle. I go to my comfort books. Of course, don’t want to belittle their value as a source of comfort only but there are books which absolutely grasp you from the first word and you can’t let go of them forever and they correct the way you think. The Quraan is one major one, I can’t be alive without it and when I try to live without it(ignorantly), I know I have to eventually return back to it at the end of the day. There are some man-made books which give you inspiration and make you realize how one can apply the concepts of Quraan. I know there are some books I’d be reading forever like the book on ‘Abdullah bin Mubarak (R), Biography of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (R), Ideal Muslimah, The Noble Life of the Prophet SAW and many more!

After learning about the conditions of Shahada, I wanted to know what being ‘truthful’ to Allah SWT means in its real essence. How could I strive to be like Abu Bakr RA who was called one of the Siddiqeen, the Truthful ones?

Alhamdolilah, I found an amazing e-book and I absolutely urge you to read it. It’s so clear and concise. It’s a must-read because being truthful to Allah SWT is so important since Allah SWT is At-Tayyeb and He SWT only accepts that which is pure. Anything messed up in your intention and/or action is bound to mess up the probability of the deed being accepted. It’s a vast topic which incorporates within it the meaning of sincerity.

BarakAllahu feekum to the brother Al-Hanbali who shared it on his blog.

It was initially shared by none other than brother Abu Sabaya at Iskandrani. May Allah SWT facilitate all his affairs and grant him Jannatul Firdaus al ‘Ala. May Allah SWT grant the brother and his family victory in this dunia and Akhira.Ameen.

Please make a duaa for both the brothers when you read the book. (Duaas bounce back. You make for them, Angel says Ameen and makes duaa for you too.)

A quote from the book:

Imam Ahmad – may Allāh have Mercy upon him – when he would walk in the streets, he would walk amongst the laborers so that nobody would point to him out of respect, and so that the people would think him to just be another laborer, and would therefore not point to him out of respect.

Here you go: Being True with Allah SWT

By the way, the level of Siddiqeen is right after the level of Prophets and BEFORE the level of Shuhada (martyrs)! So that’s a major inspiration inshaa’Allah =)


“And whenever the society lacks those who are sincere and truthful, and whenever it lacks these lofty examples regarding whom the Messenger of Allāh (peace be upon him) said that they are:”…the hidden, the pious, the pure…” – as these examples slowly creep out of society, you find that the society begins eating itself away, becoming destroyed, and tearing itself apart. Therefore, the biggest problem facing Islām today is the lack of the sincere and truthful amongst those who are working for Allāh, except for those few hidden, pious, and pure people who were made for leading nations, and were made for navigating the ship. So, if a truthful hand takes control of the ship, it steers it to the shore of Islām in a secure manner, and with the hand of trust and power. They simply do not have the time to hear any backbiting, spying, slander, or tale-carrying. The affair is much greater than this…the affair is mighty! The affair is bigger than that they pay attention to the croaking of the frog, or the cawing of a crow…the affair is greater than this. “


Another great quote:

I always recall how much I was shaken by the reply of one of the brothers when I said to him: “Will you not get married from this land?”

He replied to me: “I will not get married, so that I do not mix up my Hijrah  with something from the  dunia.


And Allah SWT knows best.

May Allah SWT grant us all Rafeeq al ‘Ala.Ameen.


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