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Alhamdolilah for the Love…

All Praise is to You and You alone… for allowing me to enter the Paradise of this world ya Wahhab.

This is indeed a Heba from You and it brings so much peace and happiness that I wonder what’s up there in store for the believers.

You created everything to remind me of You.

Then You Guided me.

And kept blessing me with things small and big, day and night, whether or not I worshipped in a manner pleasing to You.

You have obligated me to Worship You so that I don’t forget my purpose.

Ya Lateef, You gradually poured Your Love within my heart…

…and for all Things You Bestowed upon me Ya Muhsin, You will reward me as well?

SubhanAllahi ‘amma yushrikoon!!!

Ya Rabb, I may not be sincere yet but I’ve recognized Your Greatness…and my insignificance.

With thousands of chosen ones worshipping You, singling You out, in Makkah right now and with so many more Angels up there doing Tawaaf in the Heavens…I know You don’t need me…You don’t need me Ya Ghaniyy.

But I do.

Now and forever.

Let me not be ungrateful ever.

Allahuma ‘a-inni ‘ala dhikrika wa shukrika wa Husni-‘ibadatik.


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