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Good News!!! Sh. Ahsan Hanif’s New Fiqh Course (Tune in LIVE online)

What: An Explanation of Bulugh al-Maram

Who: Shaykh (now Dr.) Ahsan Hanif  (yayyy alhamdolilah!)

When: Nov. 10. They say after Ishaa and I checked on their website and the Jamaa’aah is at 8pm so by approx. 8:30pm UK Time, 1:30pm MST, 3:30pm EST inshaa’Allah. Need a time converter? Please click here.

Where: LIVE at HERE!

Note: Currently the above link doesn’t seem to work. Like all masajid, they have their Ustream channel, so possibly you can tune in there as well inshaa’Allah. However, I’ll update this post as soon as I see it working inshaa’Allah. Here’s the weblink: GreenLaneMasjid LIVE U-stream.

SubhanAllah, it seems Allah SWT answered my concern straight away! He SWT does provide opportunities. Alhamdolilah times infinity!


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