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1432 – Day of ‘Arafah

Ya ‘Afoo, completely erase all the sins of the Hujjaj, accept their ‘Ibadaat and duaas and multiply their rewards. Please, forgive the ones who didn’t make it for Hajj and give them reward for their patience upon Qadr. You are al-‘Aleem and al-Khabeer and you know the secrets of our hearts. So you know why we couldn’t go. Please grant us the Tawfeeq to do Hajj next year and every year in the years to come. Please accept those who are broken in Your Love. Broken yet strong, for Your Sake Alone, Ya Allah. Ya Mu’ti, bless us with beneficial knowledge, implementation of that knowledge, and pure Rizq, whether it is in terms of wealth,health,career,belongings or even spouse and children. Ya Naseer, Ya ‘Aziz, please protect the honor of those who have been sold by the hypocrites to the Dhalimeen. Please hasten their release and make their greatest enemies, their supporters. Please, grant them, their families,their students and those who care for them, Istiqamah.  Ya Rabb, protect our parents, siblings, and everyone related to us, as well as all our generations from the clutches of Shayateen in the form of men and/or Jinn. Ya Jabbar, only You are the Mender of Hearts, so mend our hearts because living in this dunia is becoming a greater struggle every single day for those who have made Your Pleasure, their goal. Ya Rabb, antal Tayyab, so make our actions tayyab so that they are eligible for acceptance. Ya Akram, You dignified us by making us in the best of forms, let us not humiliate ourselves by not following Your Commands. Ya Rabb, Your Promises are al-Haqq, so help us be part of the solution, part of that victory which You have promised…let us have a share in it whether it is as a martyr, a teacher or even as a strong, steadfast family member. Ya Lateef, open up the subtleties of the Quraan to us and remove the veils between this Exalted Book and us so we may able to adopt the character that is most Pleasing to You.  Ya Allah, grant us a tongue and a heart always busy in Your Remembrance in the manner that You Love and please put effect in our efforts. And finally, Ya Rahmaan, make us of those who rejoice thanking You in ease and difficulty so that we become Your Special Slaves. Our hopes would have died to make it to Jannatul Firdaus had we not known you as Al-Wahhab. Please surprise us with glad tidings upon our death to us and those who love us. Please surprise us on the Day of Judgement by gifting us with the Honor of Rafeeq al ‘Ala…and when You do that, please add to it, the pleasure of Seeing Your Face. Nothing’s more precious to us than You. That’s why You called Yourself As-Samad and we direct all our needs,hopes,emotions,sacrifices,efforts to You. Ya Rahmaan, make our last words, last actions, and last interactions most Pleasing to You. We are Yours and to You we shall Return…and in that process whenever we fall, lift us up to that which You Love the Most. Indeed only You, You Alone, listen to our duaas. And indeed only You, You Alone are Al-Wadood,Ar-Ra’oof bi’naas, Al-Hafiyy, Al-Fattah,As-Shafi,Ash-Shakoor,Ar-Rafeeq, At-Tawwab,Al-Ghafoor…and Al-Mujeeb…and all the Beautiful Names which You have taught us and have not…I ask You by them, for myself, my family, my generations and the rest of the Ummah.



Who knows it’s your last time ever to witness such a glorious day? Make it everlasting by your duaas and good deeds inshaa’Allah.

It could be my last so I thought I’d make a public duaa here for myself and everyone. Please remember me in your duaas!

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