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Aid for those doing Hifdz: Mutashabihaat of Quraan (E-books)

The following books deal with verses that are similar in their words. They point towards how budding Huffadz can differentiate between them easily so as to aid their memorization and not to confuse between those verses.

Inshaa’Allah it’ll be helpful for whosoever wishes to tread this path. May Allah SWT assist us all in our goals.Ameen.

Note: And those who feel that memorizing the Quraan is the past-time for those who have some extra time on their hands, must realize that as soon as a person makes the firm of intention of memorizing the Book of Allah SWT, he/she will automatically by default be tested by not having time at all. Instead, you’ll have to make time for it. It is not a goal for the feeble-minded,weak-hearted, procrastinators. So if you’re not doing it, know that you’re yourself to blame. Nobody’s asking you to memorize the entire Quraan and not everybody gets the special gift of memorizing the entire Quraan anyway. There are selected few who get chosen by Allah SWT and get guided to this path but when you’ll ask all those are already on this path, they’ll give you the advice of making it a priority in your life. Nothing else should matter. Not work, not people, nobody and nothing. It requires sincerity and as soon as you have that, it becomes extremely easy. You go to Allah SWT walking, He SWT will come running to you. That’s pretty much how it works. No potion. No pills. No special technique. Just sincerity and duaa , together, will  keep you steadfast on this path and giving up of sins to make your memory strong. I think everyone who reads this is more than capable of that. Whoever says he/she isn’t, is lying to themselves and deceiving themselves!

We’re quick to join any bandwagon, why not join this one for the Sake of Allah SWT?

Only one new ayah per day?

If not per day, per week?

If not per week, then every 2 weeks?

Surely everyone can donate 15 minutes of their entertainment-time to the Quraan? Just 15 minutes for Akhira? That very Akhira which is everlasting! The Akhira in which many people would be regretting!

And We have indeed made the Qur’ân easy to understand and remember, then is there any one who will remember (or receive admonition)?

[Surat al Qamar, 54:17]

Imagine reciting in front of Allah SWT on that Day and getting reward for every verse! 

(a gentle reminder to myself first and then others)

And Allah SWT knows best.


E-Book # 1

Download it from here.

[It’s more in detail than the next one.]


E-Book # 2

Download it from: here.


`Umar bin Al-Khattab RA reported: The Prophet SAW said,

“Verily, Allah elevates some people with this Qur’an and abases others.” [Muslim].


One comment on “Aid for those doing Hifdz: Mutashabihaat of Quraan (E-books)

  1. Oh! I cannot understand these books! :( Wish I could, I am sure they are full of gems. Oh well.

    R. x

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