… لَوۡ ڪَانُواْ يَعۡلَمُونَ — If they but knew…

SubhanAllah, we often unknowingly and unintentionally waste our time and hopes for things which are so baseless and useless. Even if we don’t talk about haraam matters, we still get caught up in issues so trivial that delving in such things is neither beneficial in the worldly sense nor rewarded in Akhira. Some of us waste time thinking about the future which hasn’t arrived and events which are less certain than death. While others get caught in the trap of Shaytan in which he insinuates waswasa regarding matters of future and makes them lose their focus on their goals. This in turn weakens their Tawakul and wastes their time and emotions. As a result, most of us end up leaving empty pockets of time which could’ve been utilized with a variety of rewarding deeds. I remember Ustadh Abu Taubah (H) once said that he really memorized the Quraan by waiting for his wife (!) when she used to go for shopping. So he used to sit in his car and wait for her to finish her business and in the meanwhile used to memorize/review. If you find out more and more about Shaykh Bin Baaz(R), you’ll realize he never wasted a single minute. He was always found with notes or dictating someone on important issues. Imam Ibn al Qayyim (R) used to prepare his stationery (get his pens ready) while people visited him and talked to him so as to not waste time later on doing this when he could’ve used it for his ‘Ilm-acquisition or writing books. So really, these people were great because they managed their time, the greater of it AND the smaller of it. Seconds were equally important to them as hours whether it was interacting with others or with their own soul. Some brothers/tullabul ‘ilm are excellent teachers and they give so much to the Ummah but hardly spend time with their own soul, thus ignoring its accountability. There’s a time for everything and that should be kept in mind as well. Further, procrastination is NOT okay. I don’t understand how people say that they are procrastinators so lightly when  it’s a serious offense. It’s in fact a serious crime! Because really when you’re a procrastinator, your Yaqeen on death targetting you is weak. It’s like saying, ‘Oh I’m trapped in one of the traps of Shaytan!’ How can one take that lightly? Honestly now. Allahu ‘Alam.

Trust Allah SWT and all your worries will be resolved. Just don’t waste time on matters of Unseen because it’s all upto Him and He’ll always Decree for you that which is best for you. Value your time, value yourself enough to be eligible for an amazing set of good deeds and inshaa’Allah a great Akhirah! So here’s a gentle reminder that I needed foremost and inshaa’Allah, may it serve for others as well.

…لَوۡ ڪَانُواْ يَعۡلَمُونَ …If they but knew…

…If we only knew time’s real value…and knew the Horrors of that Day…


Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Rizq informed us, saying: Ja’far bin Muhammad bin Nusayr Al-Khaldee reported to us: Muhammad bin ‘Abdillaah Al-Hadramee narrated to us: ‘Abdullaah bin Khubaiq narrated to us: Ishaaq bin ‘Abdil-‘Azeez narrated to us that ‘Ataa bin Muslim said: I was with Sufyaan Ath-Thawree in Al-Masjid Al-Haraam, when he said:

“O ‘Ataa, we are sitting while the day is busy doing its affairs.” I said: “I am in a good state, if Allaah wills.” He said: “Yes, but it is about hastening to take advantage (of one’s time).” Then he told me: “O ‘Ataa, verily when the believer is in his final place of standing, he will see with his eyes what Allaah has prepared for him in Paradise,but yet (in spite of this), he will wish that he was never created due to the state of fright he will be in.”


Al-Hasan bin Abee Bakr informed us, saying: Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Maalik Al-Iskaafee informed us: Abul-Ahwas Muhammad bin Al-Haytham, the Judge, narrated to us: Muhammad bin Katheer narrated to us from Mukhlid bin Husayn that Hishaam said: Hafsah bint Sireen would say:

O gathering of youth! Perform (righteous) deeds, for indeed the time for performing actions is during the age of adolescence.”


Al-Hasan bin Abee Bakr informed us: ‘Abdullaah bin Ismaa’eel AlHaashimee informed us: ‘Abdullaah bin Muhammad bin ‘Ubayd narrated to us: Ismaa’eel bin Ibraaheem narrated to me: Saalih Al-Murree narrated to us from Qataadah from Abul-Jild that he said:

“I read in some books: ‘The word sawfa is indeed one of the soldiers in the army of Iblees (i.e. the Devil).”  (Note: The Arabic word “sawfa” denotes the future tense. For example, it can be translated as: “I will do such and such” which indicates procrastinating or nutting something off for tomorrow or a later time.)


Abu ‘Abdillaah Al-Husayn bin Al-Hasan bin Ahmad bin Muhammad Al-Jawaaleeqee informed us: Ja’far Al-Khaldee narrated to us: Ahmad, i.e. Ibn Muhammad bin Masrooq, narrated to us: Muhammad bin Al-Husayn narrated to us:

Muhammad bin Ashkaab As-Safaar narrated to us, saying: A man from his family, i.e. the family of Dawood At-Taa’ee, narrated to me, saying: “I said to him (i.e. to Dawood At-Taa’ee): ‘O Abu Sulaymaan! You are aware of the family ties between us and you, so advise us.’ So his eyes filled with tears. Then he said: ‘O my brother, verily, the night and the day are stages that the people pass through -stage by stage – until this takes them to the end of their journey. So if you are able to put forth a provision during every day’s stage, then do so, for indeed, the end of the journey is as near as it can get, and the affair (i.e. Day of Judgement) is quicker than that. So take provisions for your journey. And take yourself to account, for indeed (on that Day), you will not be able judge in your affair. So it is as if your affair has come upon you all of a sudden. And I don’t know anyone that is more heedless of this than me.’ Then he got up and left me.”


Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Rizq informed us, saying: ‘Uthmaan bin Ahmad Ad-Daqaaq reported to us: Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Al-Baraa’ narrated to us, saying: ‘Abdullaah bin Muhammad Al-Ash’aree Al-Madeenee recited to me these poetic verses from Mahmood:

“Your yesterday has passed on as a just witness

And you have come upon a day which is (also) a witness against you

So if yesterday you committed an evil deed

Then follow that up with two good deeds, and you will be praiseworthy

Do not put aside doing a good deed today for tomorrow

For perhaps tomorrow will come, yet you no longer exist

If you find fault with your today, its benefit will come back to you

But as for what you did yesterday, that will not come back to you.”


[Selected quotes from: Iqtidaa-ul-‘Ilm al-‘Amal by Imam Abu Bakr Ahmad bin ‘Ali Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdadi,  pp.53-61]


2 comments on “… لَوۡ ڪَانُواْ يَعۡلَمُونَ — If they but knew…

  1. How inspiring! This is humbling, it shows the depth of the priorities the sahaba posessed. I personally don’t think this is something we can hear enough of, indeed time is a fuel but it is also leading to our death, a strange paradox, and to think that it in itself has been created, Allah is no need to time and place, he is the creator of both. Blows my mind everytime I ponder over it. Indeed the Quran is a treasure chest, something each household attains but fails to recognise its value until it takes for a ”antique dealer’ to highlight its worth, even then we will not have the full capacity to understand its real worth.

    But how can we if we think its something out of reach, what I find most dumbfounding is that the sahaba each were individual in there own right, with different capabilities yet the strove hard to attain understanding of the Quran. Makes you think if we made a real effort how far we could go, and how this would affect our relationship with the Quran. I’ve been thinking and reading alot about procrastination, there are numerous articles out there its nice the get the viewpoint of the shababa.

    Thank you for your continous efforts to inspire us – I hope you continue to do so.

    Your other readers must be sleeping, there oughta be more comments on here.

    Profound post.

    Love it – R.x
    P.s.Prayed for you on the day of Arafat.

    • I like how you used ‘antique dealer’ as an analogy of someone who promotes the worth of the jewels within the Quraan. Most of us wait for such antique dealers when we ourselves have the capability to approach the Quraan without an intermediary. Of course the ‘Ulema/Tafseer most definitely be consulted but the interesting thing about Quraan is that you get this specific type of guidance from specific verses in a manner that you personally needed at that specific time.That only requires of you to pick up the Quraan and study it a bit with a help of a course in your local area. Now there are so many online opportunities available. The real issue is that we don’t value the Quraan enough to give it top priority in our lives. Like you said, if we made the real effort, we would definitely go far. These quotes are not from the Sahaba directly but from the righteous generations after (Ta’b’ieen and Taba Ta’b’ieen)…may Allah SWT be pleased with them all.
      @More comments: you know me well enough to know that I don’t need any comments to drive me. I know that if what I share is from the Words of Allah SWT, or the Prophet’s or the Sahaba/scholars…those words are valuable and worth sharing whether somebody comments or not. In fact, I’d rather have people point out my mistakes than just say ‘JazakAllahu khayr’ randomly like is the case at most other blogs. Thanks for your encouragement R.! May you have a share of reward in everything I post here.Ameen. Nice to have you here as always. And jazakiAllahu khayran for your duaas! Need some special ones and so keep ’em coming. You’re remembered in mine.
      Wasalamu ‘alaykum.

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