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Words of Advice for Arabic Students – Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

Excellent words of advice! Amusing and wise, both at the same time! :)

Sometimes Allah SWT speaks on your behalf when you choose to remain silent. And sometimes Allah SWT sends you an extra special *high priority* message  through different people.  Good teachers are like fathers in my opinion. A student is like an orphan without a true teacher.SubhanAllah…may Allah SWT bless Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan with the highest of levels in Jannah, may Allah SWT be pleased with him and may Allah SWT increase the love of Quraan within us and help us inspire others to learn! May Allah SWT beautify beneficial knowledge for us and protect us from distractions.  May Allah SWT also give me the opportunity to visit Al Bayyinah Institute one day and all the amazing institutes out there who’re working so hard for the Sake of Allah SWT to continue the legacy of seeking knowledge properly. Ameen.


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