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Just for a Smile: ‘Sana Saeeda’

Meeting after several days,my favourite little Morrocan girl, Tasneem, greeted me with a cheery ‘Sana Sa’eeda‘.

Her mom started laughing and told us how Tasneem talked to her grandma the other day and said, ‘Sana Saeeda Maryam‘.

The poor child thought ‘Sana Sa’eeda‘  (which means ‘Happy New year’ in English) are female names (Sana and Sa’eeda) strung together.

Children are so precious and make you smile in the most cutest of ways.

May Allah SWT bless her and all my children of this Ummah with the most beautiful and productive of childhoods and make them coolness of the eyes of their parents in this dunia and Akhira and… leaders of Muttaqun. Ameen.


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