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Notes on ‘Bulugh al Maram’ by Sh. Ahsan Hanif

First set of notes are up for those who truly wish to seek benefit out of this wonderful opportunity to learn.

Last week lesson # 4 was covered and notes of lesson # 2 are only added and verified for now. It’s taking more time than I had estimated and to Allah SWT we turn for His Mercy and Support.

If Allah SWT wills, I will put up mp3’s of the lectures so that one can download and listen easily without those annoying commercials on U-stream. But it’ll take time and has lower priority for now.

The notes can be accessed here: http://bulughalmaram.wordpress.com/.

The lectures are no doubt very beneficial for everyone and are an excellent resource to re-inforce what you already know (if you’ve already studied this). Please be advised that my notes are not corrected by Sh. Ahsan Hanif himself so please use everything carefully. It is merely a personal (and might I add a very feeble) attempt. Corrections/modifications must be notified on the other blog itself and not here.

And Allah SWT knows best.

Wasalamu ‘alaykum warahmatullah,



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