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Alhamdolilah for Books

Quraan has this beautiful, soothing, healing effect on the soul like a warm cup of milk and honey to an irritable scratchy throat.

After those two, books in general have this nourishing effect that elevates the mind to a level of worldly-bliss. You get to explore realms of ideas and concepts and collect souvenirs of reflection as you make that journey. What would be our lives without any books? If there’s one thing I spend on then those are books. Otherwise, I’m not an enthusiastic shopper.

I have no idea why I do not have a single sister in my local acquaintances who likes to read. I find it quite unbelievable. I know it is a special gift and a special endearment only those who love books can appreciate.

As a child, I used to put my nose between the pages of the books and try to take in the smell that came out from it. Most children dreaded the end of summer vacation but I absolutely loved it because that meant new colourful textbooks which I could enjoy to my heart’s content.  Every book that I have read as a child gave me the courage to imagine by the Mercy of Allah SWT. You do not get that by watching TV or movies.

Alhamdolilah for creation of quill/pen, language, the love of knowledge Allah SWT put in human beings and the love of reading and writing. Alhamdolilah for such privileges and may Allah SWT help us illuminate childhoods of generations by the torch of  authentic and beneficial Islamic literature. May Allah SWT help us write and work for the Ummah in a manner that grants us Jannatul Firdaus.  May Allah SWT put barakah in our time and help us leave a legacy of patience in seeking knowledge. May Allah SWT forgive our shortcomings and protect our blessings of senses and faculty of intellect which help us enjoy reading and writing so that we can use them in obedience to Him Alone until our last breath. Ameen.


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