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‘At-Tawfique’ by Sh. Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid [e-book]

Some concepts such as that of barakah and tawfique give me wings and I love them. I always had this question about the ways one could acquire Tawfique in one’s deeds. Alhamdolilah found a nice short e-book on it.

I don’t want to give away much because it’s a very short book itself but I found this very beautiful:

Tawfiq in good companionship

O brothers and sisters, it is from tawfiq that a person finds a companion with knowledge whom he benefits from. For how many people have only found companions of innovations and some of them have found companions so ignorant that they’ve misled them from the Truth! However, if a person is given tawfiq in finding a knowledgeable companion of the Sunnah, then this is what is desired and requested (of a person). This is what is expected from the youth just as some of the Salaf used to say, ‘If a person of the Sunnah is granted tawfiq, then the biggest blessing that Allah bestows on him is to give him tawfiq in finding (another) companion of the Sunnah who takes him by the hand and leads him to the Truth.’


Please download it from here.

Be sure to read up until the last page.


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