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The Wise Woman from Bani Israeel

In this time and age when women are emotional in the negative sense and become hysterical over petty matters, it is shocking for me to read stories of powerful women of the past. They were not only in control of their emotions, they ensured people around them were strong as well. Extremely inspirational and it gives me the hope that unlike the older sisters around me, it is within my capability as a Muslimah to be like the amazing women of the past inshaa’Allah as long as my faith in Allah SWT is strong. Very very impressive! Alhamdolilah times infinity that I stumbled upon this hadith!


Yahya related to me from Malik from Yahya ibn Said that al-Qasim ibn Muhammad said,

“One of my wives died and Muhammad ibn Kab al Quradhi came to console me about her. He told me of one among the Bani israil who was a diligent, worshipping, knowing and understanding man who had a wife that he admired and loved, and she died. He grieved over her intensely and lamented her until he withdrew into a house and locked himself in, hidden from everyone, and no-one visited him. A woman heard about him and went to him, saying, ‘I need him to give me an opinion. Nothing will satisfy me except what he says about it.’ Everyone went away, but she stuck to his door and said, ‘I must see him.’ Someone said to him, ‘There is a woman who wishes to ask your opinion about something,’ and she insisted, ‘I will only talk to him about it.’ When everyone had gone away, and she still had not left his door, he said, ‘Let her in.’ So she went in and saw him and said, ‘I have come to ask your opinion about something.’ He said, ‘What is it?’ She said, ‘I borrowed a piece of jewellery from a neighbour of mine, and I have worn it and used it for a long time. Then they sent to me for it. Should I let them have it back?’ He said, ‘Yes, by Allah.’ She said, ‘I have had it for a long time.’ He said, ‘It is more correct for you to return it to them, since they have lent it to you for such a long time.’ She said, ‘Yes. May Allah have mercy on you. Do you then grieve over what Allah has lent you and then taken from you, when He has a greater right to it than you?’ Then he saw the situation he was in, and Allah helped him by her words.”

[Imam Malik’s Muwatta Chapter No: 16, Burials, Hadith # 43 (of a Ta’bi’ee)]


Doesn’t this remind one of Umm Sulaym RA when she lost her baby and how she dealt wisely with her husband, Abu Talhah RA?

These beautiful women make my heart smile. Alhamdolilah for them and alhamdolilah for their stories being preserved! Alhamdolilah for hadith scholars who were meticulous! Alhamdolilah for Islam! Alhamdolilah for being a Muslim!


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