Today’s Class – Some thoughts

The first hadith of Intentions was covered. Besides learning about the hadith itself, other important things were also mentioned which were huge eye-openers. Over all, the quality and pace of the class was very good. I think the teacher was patient with me when I asked him questions which was quite contrary to what I had expected. I like to interact with my teachers and I’m a curious learner…so the attitude of the teacher matters a lot to me. Learning  involves tarbiyah as well which you don’t really get anywhere these days. It is not ‘shameful’ if a teacher scolds you in front of everyone to make a point in a justified and respectful manner. We should set our egoes aside and be willing to learn whether we’re in our 20’s or 60’s. Mashaa’Allah the Ustadh was very easy-going but disciplined in answering as well. Nobody’s free of faults and we mustn’t praise anyone without a reason but mashaa’Allah it was a great experience.

I think our quality as Muslims is very low nowadays because the struggle we make to acquire knowledge is very minimal. We prefer to take short-cuts, learn what is ‘popular’ in the religion and do not have the patience to stick to a teacher/methodology and do not allow our poor brains to absorb…not to forget the majority of the free hours we let our brains to be absorbed with you-tubing and fussing over social networking websites/forums without thinking twice whether those hours we spend are going to beneficial in the long run or are they just going to give us a temporary satisfaction…

I personally judge a teacher by whether he serves the knowledge in a piece-meal style or not because knowledge is not acquired by quickly (and only) memorizing texts but rather by deliberating on certain matters, spending time on them and letting them sink in within your soul. Some teachers have the luxury of taking it nice and slow while most teachers do not. I think it’s a very difficult time for the teachers nowadays because students have extremely short attention spans and limited interest. Nevertheless, the success of a learning experience  depends on the sincerity of both the parties at the end of the day, the ‘donor’ and the ‘recipient’, both.

I found the class very beneficial and I was disappointed to see very few people in the class (as compared to how many registered and told me they’d be there). Allahu ‘Alam why that’s been the case every time. Not judging anyone but it does make me sad. Perhaps the way I tell people about it is not very tempting. Is tempting even a good word in this context? Isn’t knowledge inherently tempting? Allahu ‘Alam.

But then again, tawfeeq only comes from Allah SWT and I’m grateful He SWT granted me the tawfeeq to be there. It is indeed only Allah SWT who guides the hearts and gives us blessings even though we sin day and night without proper repentance. So what if people I cared about didn’t show up? At least I did and may Allah SWT use me (as a good example) to guide them. Ameen.

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And Allah SWT knows best.

Wasalamu ‘alaykum warahmatullah,


P.S. Recordings are available.


2 comments on “Today’s Class – Some thoughts

  1. As wr wb. Where can one find the downloads?

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