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Sh. Mohammed Hannini – Impact of Arabic Language’s Negligence on Muslims’ Decline

Mohammed Hannini – Impact of Arabic Language’s Negligence on Muslims’ Decline.

Quite an insightful talk, mashaa’Allah. Highly recommended!

I do not know much Arabic, perhaps much lesser than a beginner of the Arabic language would. However, I know that whatever I learned cemented my connection with the Quraan and made me fall in love with it to such an intense degree that it is incomparable to any other feeling of satisfaction I have ever had for anything at all, alhamdolilah. Now isn’t that strange? Especially when people my age are expected to have a passion for everything else under the sky  from writing to scuba diving. Everything except this. That’s the miracle of the Arabic language which Allah SWT has blessed us with. It captures your heart in an instant. People would be listening to lectures by different speakers for Eeman boost. Imagine, you opening the MusHaf and getting a greater Eeman boost and a much more lasting effect! Wouldn’t that be just so heavenly?

I’m not talking about conversational Arabic which a lot of people think they must learn first. That is a major mistake people make and I wince internally whenever I find out that people chase such a goal. It’s okay if you cannot speak Arabic.  It’s not obligatory on you anyway even if it may be necessary in order to understand different ‘Ilm-ey lectures by the ‘Ulema at some point of time. The bottom-line is that in the beginning, you can live without it if you’re not moving anywhere where it is the sole medium of communication. But understanding of the Quraan is obligatory to a certain extent. And you know what, even if it weren’t obligatory, I would still recommend it. Why? Because those are the words of Allah SWT and those who go out of their way to learn this language, show the strength of what it takes to be a potential lover of the Quraan and inshaa’Allah Allah SWT.

When you love someone, you want to listen to their speech, read the letters they’ve sent over and over and over again just so as to not miss out anything. You wouldn’t want somebody to interfere and translate the letters for you now, would you?! You would want a personal connection. An emotional connection that is precious, sacred and significant. To Allah azza wajall belongs the Loftiest of Examples: wouldn’t you want to understand the conversation addressed to you by the One whom you love? Wouldn’t you want to learn the language of the Book sent by the One whom you claim to love the most?

I can give you another example. Imagine somebody has a fracture in their limbs and they are forced to use crutches for a month. What if the crutches are made of weaker substance? Would the patient feel safe with those crutches, always fearing that he may fall using them? Likewise, all the translations out there are crutches to help us understand the Quraan but we must take into account the human error and political agenda involved in the manufacture of those ‘crutches’. Some adults force their children to Arabic classes but do not even bother to learn basics of the language. Please save yourself first and then your children. Enroll today in a class near you inshaa’Allah because it’s never too late! It’s a huge lie when people say that they’ve reached their 30+ in age bracket and their minds are not good enough for learning. Our minds can remember all the useless facts related to politics, celebrities and TV shows but cannot have the potential to remember information which is divinely-linked! What a lame argument! Allah SWT will provide you with special Help if you learn something connected to Akhira. So do not worry about how it will happen, just go for it! If there aren’t any Arabic classes in your area, you can always take the online route! We have no excuses on the Day of Judgement, thanks to the internet. Therefore, seek the pleasure of Allah SWT in learning this language. Seek the sweetness of ‘Ibadah within it inshaa’Allah! And Allah SWT knows best.


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