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‘Learning Arabic Language of the Quran’ by Izzath Uroosa *Updated*

A beautiful, simple and concise resource for those who wish to enjoy the love of Quraan and Arabic together. This is particularly useful for those who are memorizing the Quraan in order that they may be aware of  their mistakes and appreciate what they are memorizing. It is also useful as a go-to-book if you want Quraanic examples which show certain Nahuw/Sarf related concepts. While it should be complemented with audio lessons as well and should be by no means the only book to educate yourself about the Arabic language, at the same it does give the student of Arabic language an Eeman-boost and makes the journey of studying  Arabic worthwhile and much easier. A must have for both students and teachers!

To have a quick look at sample pages, please click here.

You can buy it from: Darusalam , IslamicBookstore, Amazon , and Ebay.

*NEW* And now you can download the entire book from here alhamdolilah!


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