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Indeed Death is the Destroyer of Pleasures

Days are passing by so fast and for certain events/deadlines of life, I can’t seem to be prepared. And this lack of prepared-ness does affect our focus for Akhirah. Our Salah lacks proper Khushu’ and tuma’neenah, we forget to recite Quraan as often as we used to, we are quick with our negative judgements…all that and more as we continue in this mad-race of life, thinking we’re doing this world a favour just by being alive. Hastening in everything except in which we really should.

Allah SWT says in several places and I only remember one:

 فَٱسۡتَبِقُواْ ٱلۡخَيۡرَٲتِ‌ۚ

“…So hasten towards all that is good…” [Quran, 2:148].

Ever since I heard about a sister exactly my age who passed away last week, I cannot seem to get excited for things, which is totally unlike me. Whenever I do get excited, this thought comes back in my head. The sister had gotten married recently (~ 2-3 months) and had no disease/serious medical condition at all. Those two pieces of info make it worse…

So death will never knock on your door and ask your permission. Some of us may die in our sleep, some of us without disease, some of us through accidents, and others through illnesses which we will have no control over.

Death may not wait until you finish your university/you have a good career/you get married/have kids/reach a certain age.

We cannot control the time of our death. We can definitely control what we do until then.

  • Take advantage of your free-time before you get occupied in more responsibilities related to adult-hood! Since last year, I had put off a lot of things telling myself that I’d do them after I finish university. Now that I’m done, I absolutely have no time to dedicate my time to those things. Life is just going to keep getting busier!
  • Take advantage of your health today and invest in learning/teaching before you are older and its harder to study without interruptions! Distractions are going to increase with time, whether they are good or bad. And each distraction is going to demand your health and energy…
  • Take advantage of your few moments and fill them by being kind,compassionate,merciful and respectful to others because nobody remembers to even do good acts, let alone ‘undo’ bad deeds. How many of us keep track of our sins?
  • Take advantage of your ability to see and use it for more preferrable activities. It’s one thing that some of us have given up haram activities and shifted our interests to that which is halal. It’s another thing to use our time which in pursuits which are even more preferred and pleasing to Allah SWT out of all the halal activities. Strive for that level!

Please do not waste time.

Angel of Death will not procrastinate.

Shaytan doesn’t procrastinate.

Why do we?

[a gentle reminder to myself first and then others]

And Allah SWT knows best.


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