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Hanbali Course: ‘Umdat ul-Fiqh’ by Imam Ibn Qudamah [Teacher: Sh. Abu Adnan]

Audio Lessons and their details over here (note: disclaimer about the audio lessons). Funfacts about Imam ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi (R) here.

Very student-friendly English translations by Dr. Hatem al Haj  (not complete):

English translations by Muhtar Holland  are compiled in the work, ‘The Mainstay, Concerning Jurisprudence- A Handbook of Hanbali Fiqh’. Please be aware of any Sufi influences in his translations.

  • I found a pdf version and I don’t have the manual so I cannot say whether it’s exactly like the original book sold in stores. Nevertheless, here it is:


SubhanAllah, after finding everything, I found most of the documents well-compiled at Kalamullah. You can have a look at this as well.


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